Is Xavier really worth all the hype?

If your a Miami baseball fan and you don't know who Xavier Wilson is... well you're not a Miami baseball fan. Xavier has been the talk of all hurricanes baseball fans because of the "day" he threw 100mph in his last year as a high school baseball player and because of his brother who plays thiple A baseball, LISTEN HURRICANE FANS! Xavier is not worth any of the hype he is getting, Xavier throws really hard and fast too! But the control will be a issue as he walked 71 batters last season IN HIGH SCHOOL! What do you think will happen in college when the other players are bigger and MORE stronger then he is. Not to mention his body is a big concern only weighing about 160, if you think that arm is going to last a 60 game season you are so wrong. As A person Xavier isn't the best person off the field either already showing that he as that cocky self-center personality probably due to his older brother's achivements in college ball. We have to really think about Xavier dedication on the field too as I think he is just a kid riding on success due to his talents and not hard work, his fastball does hit 100 on the gun (sometimes) and has a solid silder but I don't think the kid will be a good player at the college level due to his control and command of his pitches.

people are saying that this kid will win awards, be the "pitcher of the year" but I just don't see it he needs to show me what's all the hype is for.