Cleveland Browns help Houston Texans QB situation

Day 1 of NFL free agency was nothing short of surprising, highlighted by the trade of the day, Houston shipping QB Brock Osweiler, a 2017 6th round pick and a 2018 2nd round pick to Cleveland for their 2017 4th round pick. This is a significant deal for all sorts of reasons. 

Cleveland does not have a starting QB and haven't had stability at the position in years. Only problem with this trade is, it won't fix the problem. The Browns are expected to cut or trade Osweiler, valuing the draft picks in the deal more than Osweiler and his absurd contract. The move is kind of questionable, considering the Browns now have 8 1st and 2nd round picks over the next 2 drafts, but they aren't great at drafting in early rounds (Manziel, Mingo, Trent Richardson just to name a few recent busts) and aren't putting Osweiler in a position to help the team out at the most important position on the field. There have supposedly been calls to Cleveland for Osweiler, but this is free agency and there are all sorts of rumors out there. In my opinion, they should get whatever they can for him, as he isn't a great player, but the contract will be difficult to move or eat if he is eventually dropped from the team. If neither of these things happen, the Browns might be forced to play Osweiler. One thing is for certain though, and that is that he is not the answer for the Browns QB problem.

For Houston, this was an excellent deal to get rid of Osweilers stupid contract off the books, as well as vacating the starting QB position so the team can bring someone new in via free agency, trade or the draft. All signs are pointing to Tony Romo being traded to the Texans, especially after this deal, which made it pretty obvious that Houston was gunning for a chance to bring in Romo. Houston has an excellent defense, and potential superstars on offense in Deandre Hopkins and Lamar Miller, and the only position they are lacking in is QB. If the Texans can pull a trade for Romo, he might be the player to help Houston take the next step in the playoffs and actually compete for a Super Bowl.