Jaguars sign A.J. Bouye, Calais Campbell

The Jaguars are spending big money, again. Last summer, they and the Raiders were the most popular teams as far as improvement and potential. People were psyched about both of these teams' rosters and what they could potentially accomplish on the football field. Some were even more sold on the Jaguars than the Raiders, and on paper, that wasn't a crazy notion.

But in usual Jaguar form, they failed to make anything happen on the field. Blake Bortles showed little improvement from his 2nd season in the league going into his 3rd, the Allen's Robinson and Hurns both regressed (but that might have to do more with Bortles and the offense than their skill sets), Julius Thomas did not prove to be the same player he was back in Denver, and the money spent on defense did not prove to be money well spent. So they opened day 1 of NFL Free Agency by signing defensive tackle Calais Campbell and CB A.J. Bouye. The Bouye signing is significant in my opinion, because although Bouye is nowhere near the best at his position, he was the best available defensive back on the market, and the Jags scooped him up after the division rival Houston Texans let him test free agency. The importance of this is 1-the Jags play the Texans twice a year, so this may have had something to do with Bouye's decision, and 2-the fact that he will be playing across from Jalen Ramsey, one of the best young corners in the league today.

Calais Campbell is older and towards the end of his career, but he is still a somewhat effective run stuffer, and can provide some sort of a run defense for a team desperately lacking in that department. Although there has to be some thinking as to why the Cardinals would let him walk, if you're the Jaguars you aren't risking much by bringing him onto the team. The defense has been atrocious and they could use any help they can find, and Campbell is still a good player. Pair that with the hope that the Bouye-Ramsey combination pans out, and the Jaguars just might have the defense that fans were excited for last season. If the offense can avoid turning the ball over, the defense might not have to stay on the field as long as they did last season so they can stay fresher throughout the season, and hopefully this can lead to more wins for an organization that has been lacking in wins for many years.