XFL Week 1 changing football landscape?

The first week of the Xtreme Football League is in the books and we are hyped for week two. Through broadcast and social media reception, it has already surpassed expectations. What expectations are we talking about? Well, let’s just say we were probably expecting another American Alliance Football League, a league one year prior that did not do any justice for spring football. A league previously filled with boring football, bad play, and secondary markets.

The XFL during this time of spring 2019 may have taken notice and already had a strategy in place. Innovative gaming and rules, viewer engagements, transparency play calling and officiating, and yeah first-rate market teams. Every XFL team has a professional football team, to the exception of the St. Louis BattleHawks, a market dying for some football.

After week one of the XFL,. Viewership, engagement, transparency of on and off-field calling, along with great offense and defense, has surpassed expectations and should be putting the NFL on notice.

Not to compete with the league, but potentially to be a partner. As of right now in the 2020 season, it seems like the XFL may become the unofficial minor league to professional football.

The XFL has its contracts, and franchise structure for players, but has already said it will not hold any player back from an opportunity at the NFL.

Distinctly it may become a high risk, high reward league for players looking to improve their draft stock. Look at Safety Kenny Robinson for the BattleHawks—a projected first to a second-round pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

If NFL draft-eligible players begin to choose the XFL for spring auditions straight out of college, not only can they make some money, improve their draft stock, but also enhance the league viewership watching favorites out of college for 1st rate market teams. This may coheres the NFL to find stake in the XFL.

Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports
Jerome Miron-USA TODAY SportsJerome Miron-USA TODAY Sports

After week one, the XFL seems to have found a special rhythm and place in spring football. And with future player hopefuls, has beens and never was, are looking for a shot or second-third chance at the NFL We as fans should be okay with this. Every XFL team can have a turnstile roster each year, giving the fanbases hope for winning seasons. Each year a roster can be formed from championship to basement dwellers to ever-changing roster because of opportunities for players to move on to the big league.

The XFL is okay with this; in fact, the NFL may want to be okay with it as well. After week one, we may have something Xtremely unique and Xtreme different bridging the gap of pro-football to minor league opportunity. The question will be... each year in the XFL who will have the best-built roster to win? because the strategy may come from ever changing manning due to player opportunity in the NFL.

These rosters can potentially change the landscape of the NFL roster going forward due to the production and national attention players may receive.