Dee Gordon's Home Run for Jose Fernandez is Further Proof that Sports is the Ultimate Reality TV

I haven't written one of these in a while because I've been busy fighting, scratching, and clawing my way through everyday life. Working my tail off, taking care of my family, and defending my friend Tom on a minutely basis have been my main priorities as of late. Blogging has unfortunately had to take a backseat.

But this story made me want to bust out the ole' laptop and get the blood flowing in my fingers again.

I don't watch much baseball. I casually keep up with it through highlights and friends. I'm not going to sit here and pretend Jose Fernandez was one of my favorite athletes. I hardly knew the kid. All I knew was that he was a young stud pitcher for the Marlins who seemed to enjoy himself on the field and had a ridiculous arm with a seemingly bright future.

Like most people I couldn't believe the tragic news of his death from the boating accident.

The Marlins' first game since his death on Monday night was one for the ages.The most memorable moment happened when Marlins second baseman Dee Gordon stepped up to the plate and emulated Fernandez's right-handed stance "as best as he could" in order to pay tribute to his friend. Then he switched helmets, went to the left side of the plate (where he normally bats), and smashed a lead-off homer. His first of the season. His first in over 300 at bats. By the way . . . I think the bat weighs more than he does, which is why he most likely has trouble hitting those homers. Put a little meat on them bones, Dee. But what a moment. I'm sure every Marlins fan watching at home and in the stadium was crying.

He was doing his best to keep himself together emotionally while trotting the bases. The footage of him hugging his teammates afterwards was as real as it gets. His body just collapsed into the arms of numerous teammates as they congratulated him.

This is what sports is all about. That moment was a reminder that sports is the best reality show on tv. Always has been and always will be. Why? Because it's actually real. It's authentic. This is the PERFECT example of why I always try to explain this to women and friends. You couldn't have scripted this any better. You couldn't have written a better storyline. You couldn't have come up with a better idea to make that moment more special. This could only happen on a field of some sort while playing a sport of some kind.

It's the coolest thing I've seen in a long time. What a memory for Dee Gordon, the Marlins, and their fans.

Even if you hate baseball and/or have no idea who Jose Fernandez is, I encourage you to watch the video. I would have most likely shed a tear or two if not for my cold heart.

RIP Jose. Looks like you'll be missed . . .