NHL Fight of the Week: Jonathan Toews vs. James Neal

I'm a big hockey fan and I'm a huge fan of hockey fights, so this NHL season I'm going to do a weekly post; NHL Fight of the Week.  This post will feature what I think was the best fight from the NHL the previous week.  From now on it will come out Sunday Mornings, but this one is getting posted today because I just came up with the idea.  The weeks are going counted as Sunday through Saturday and only regular season games will be eligible, so no preseason or playoffs.

Week 1 of the NHL season was Wednesday October 12th through Saturday October 15th.  The best fight in that span was Jonathan Toews vs. James Neal.  Two non-fighters go at it after an exchange of slashes.  A lot of punches are thrown and it was a fairly long fight for today's NHL.   I would give this fight a 6/10 rating and call it a draw.  Here is the video.