Former NFL players needed for clinical trials on treating traumatic brain injury

By Jeff Nixon
May. 18, 2016

NFL alumni and player advocates, Marvin Washington and Jeff Nixon, are teaming up with Montel Williams to raise awareness about Traumatic Brain Injury and to explore potential new treatment opportunities for NFL alumni. Montel is also working alongside the U.S. Army to develop T.B.I. treatments for veterans and civilians.

Experimental treatment therapies are investigated for safety and effectiveness through scientific clinical trials. If you, or someone you know has chronic balance issues related to a brain injury obtained through sports, car accidents, military service, trips, slips or falls - they may be eligible to participate in a clinical trial.

The current clinical trial centers are in Orlando, Florida; Portland, Oregon and Montreal, Canada. Eligibility is determined by study staff and compensation is available for qualified participants.

Only the Research Study Staff can fully determine if you qualify to enroll in the study. However, you may qualify if you:

• Are 18-65 years old

• Have experienced a mild or moderate brain injury, over 1 year ago

• Have difficulty with balance

• Are able to walk for at least 20 minutes (with support, if needed)

• Did not lose consciousness for more than 24 hours after your injury, and

• Hospitalized for 7 days or less after injury.

Transportation and hotel costs will be covered by the trial administrators.

Please visit Brain Injury, or call 1-877-845-5728 for more information.