Biggest Problem for the 2018-2019 NBA Season

The NBA 18-19 season kicks-off in a couple weeks, and with all the crazy moves this offseason, one should be excited for this season. Sure I'm happy with LeBron taking his talents to LA, and Paul George staying put with Westbrook in OKC. But I'm annoyed with the fact that Demarcus Cousins has to join 4 other all stars to win a ring. You shouldn't be able to predict the NBA Champion before the season even starts, and yet here we are, for the second straight year, where the Golden State Warriors, are already your 18-19 NBA Champions, without shooting one shot this season.

I'm not a NBA professional analyst, but how does a team like the Brooklyn Nets, feel about this. They are just playing another season to be the worst, and get lucky in the lottery. The Warriors are putting an All-Star team while the Nets are putting a borderline G-League team on the court. I like watching college basketball for the fact that anything can happen, that it's so competitive, and that it's not a game dominated by all stars joining forces.

My advise for the NBA is to make a rule that teams cannot exceed 2 all stars on a team. That way you wont have 5 on a team, and other teams have a chance to get these players. If a current roster player becomes an all star and a team has 3, they must make a decision on which player they must release for the upcoming season. I just want to watch the NBA where I can't pick the champion, before the year starts.