Stop Saying He Doesn't Have Help

Can people please, please, PLEASE stop talking about this Cleveland Cavaliers team like there is no legitimate player on this team besides LeBron James?  I'm not saying give more props to Kevin Love or Kyrie Irving, they haven't earned it being the "stars" they are, I'm saying stop talking about this team like it is the 2006-07 Cleveland Cavaliers, where they didn't have another great player.  The #2 on that team was Larry Hughes, Ilgauskas was still on that team and Drew Gooden was a respectable player.  That team would be crushed by the current Cleveland Cavaliers, and honestly, this team has done exactly what everybody predicted it would do.

Look, I understand LeBron is not actually filling out paperwork or actually calling the Orlando Magic to request a trade for Channing Frye, or calling the Trailblazers for another salary dump, I'm saying that LeBron is and has been picking his team's from day one.  I was listening to the Ryan Lundberg show, trying my hardest to not call the show and call him a moron (would've said worse, but not on here), when he said that "LeBron isn't picking his teams because if he was he would have Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry".  -_-  Impossible teams to create don't count, but how does joining Chris Bosh and Dwayne Wade on South Beach sound?  "Kyrie Irving was already there", true, but he wanted to go back there, and knew Kyrie was there.  LeBron brought in Kevin Love, and insisted Tristan Thompson was overpaid.  He wanted Shumpert and JR Smith, and Timofey Mosgov and Channing Frye.  He wanted Mo Williams again, and James Jones, and Mike Miller for last year.  You can't have a team filled with thirteen superstars, not even five.  But, he chose Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love over Wade and Bosh. 

How about this fact?  The 2013-14 Cleveland Cavaliers have only three, THREE players remaining from that roster.  Tristan Thompson, Kyrie Irving and Matthew Dellavedova.  He has a really good group of players around him, that HE brought in.  We all know Kevin Love and Kyrie Irving are All-Stars, but let's delve in deeper.  JR Smith is a volume scorer, and a very solid shooting guard, even though he is considered as the worst member of the starting 5.  Tristan Thompson is almost getting a max, and somehow he deserves it.  The bench is full of talent as well, ask the people of Phoenix if Channing Frye is a good player.  Or how about the perennial double digit scorer in (little used for some reason) Mo Williams.  James Jones will just hit threes, we all know that, but he's one of the best at it.  Richard Jefferson was an All-Star and is still a very capable player in all facets.  Timofey Mosgov was great in the previous Finals, and is still a starting caliber center on a lot of teams.  Dellavedova can defend and has a huge motor.  Iman Shumpert is, well, Iman Shumpert.  But he's still a capable reserve, maybe a defensive version of OJ Mayo.   

In my opinion, LeBron has a 12 deep roster filled with a variety of players with different strengths and skillsets and can create matchup problems with almost any team, hence reaching the Finals.  So please, stop saying that he does not have help, because he has one of the deepest (and self chosen) teams he's ever had.  It's just the Warriors are unbelievable, and might be the best single season team in NBA history.  This is a team that only the East All-Stars could beat in seven, so nobody will have enough help for a while.

(Those are not direct quotes of Ryan Lundberg, they are to differentiate what I remember him saying from the rest of my blog)