52 Biggest NFL Questions to Watch for in 2017-2018

By Josh Harmon
Aug. 04, 2017

Here's a list of 52 (for the upcoming Super Bowl LII) questions that are worth monitoring throughout this upcoming NFL season. Tweet me @joshharmonBOS with any responses or feedback you may have. Also, feel free to comment below. That is greatly appreciated.

1. Can the Patriots repeat as champions?

2. How will the Falcons rebound after a devastating Super Bowl meltdown?

3. Are third year QBs Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota ready to take their game to the next level?

4. Can Marshawn Lynch return to his old BEASTMODE form?

5. What will happen with OBJ in New York?

6. Can QBs Andrew Luck and Cam Newton have bounce back campaigns?

7. Can the Browns take a step forward with new additions, such as rookies Myles Garrett and Jabrill Peppers?

8. What will the Patriots do with Jimmy Garoppalo?

9. Will Colin Kaepernick be signed?

10. Will Le’Veon Bell sign an extension with the Steelers?

11. Can Gronk stay healthy?

12. Can rookies RBs Leonard Fournette and Christian McCaffrey live up to fans’ expectations?

13. Will Zeke be suspended?

14. Who will start between rookie Deshaun Watson and Tom Savage?

15. Will Mitchell Trubinsky start for the Bears over new acquisition Mike Glennon?

16. Can Keenan Allen finally stay healthy?

17. Will Tony Romo and Jay Cutler succeed as commentators?

18. Who will win the NFC East?

19. Can anyone come close to challenging the Patriots?

20. Can Doug Martin return to his past form?

21. Can David Johnson rush and receive for 1,000 yards each?

22. How will Alshon Jeffery perform with second-year QB Carson Wentz?

23. Can Tyrann Mathieu stay healthy?

24. Who will play RB for the Denver Broncos: CJ Anderson, Devontae Booker, or Jamaal Charles?

25. How long until we see rookie WR Mike Williams play for the Chargers after his back injury?

26. Will rookie QB DeShone Kizer start for the Browns week one?

27. What role will veteran Adrian Peterson have in New Orleans?

28. Can Martavis Bryant avoid being suspended?

29. Do Josh Gordon or Johnny Manziel have any shot at playing in the NFL in the future?

30. Can Jimmy Graham stay healthy in Seattle and perform like he has in the past?

31. Can the Browns avoid being the worst team in the NFL?

32. Will the Chargers make the postseason?

33. Who will win the AFC West?

34. How will the trio of OBJ, Brandon Marshall, and Sterling Shepard do in New York?

35. Can the Packers make the Super Bowl led by Aaron Rodgers?

36. Will Todd Gurley rebound from a disappointing 2016-2017 campaign?

37. Will Bills QB Tyrod Taylor have the best season of his career?

38. How will the Joe Mixon saga in Cincinnati develop?

39. Can Frank Gore continue to be effective at age 34?

40. How will Blake Bortles perform in a career defining season?

41. How will RB Eddie Lacy do with the Seahawks?

42. Who will be more effective in Minnesota: Rookie RB Dalvin Cook or veteran Latavius Murray?

43. Will Darrelle Revis play anywhere?

44. Can Sean McVay fix the LA Rams?

45. Who will win the Pro Bowl? Just kidding.

46. Can Buccaneers kicker Roberto Aguayo prove he is not a bust?

47. Will JJ Watt stay healthy?

48. Who will play QB for the Jets?

49. Will anyone other than a QB win the NFL MVP Award? (Last occurance: Former Vikings RB and current Saints RB Adrian Peterson won it in 2012)

50. Can WR Devante Parker finally breakout for the Dolphins?

51. Will Antonio Brown lead the league in receptions and receiving yards?

52. Can Von Miller win the DPOY award, or will Khalil Mack repeat?