I have been a member of this site for about a month however I am just starting my first blog today. I have been busy with finals, vacation, and surgery and other excuses. I am currently a sophomore in college at Ridgewater College in Willmar, Minnesota. I started this blog because I've always wanted to post my opinions about certain sports issues and also cover my favorite sports team. I plan on covering Minnesota sports teams, mainly the Wild, Twins, and Vikings. I am not a basketball fan and do not plan on covering any Timberwolves. Along with Minnesota teams, I plan on covering the NHL and also the MLB. For baseball, I plan on mainly discussing the AL Central as baseball is hard to cover 162 games a year for 32 teams. For NHL, I plan on mainly covering the Western Conference. For both sports, main headlines will still be covered. My plan for the Wild will be to post as often as possible, whether it be a pregame, postgame, or just a middle of the day blog grading players on the team. Although the MLB season seems far away, I plan on covering the Twins in the offseason, giving my preseason predictions as well as discussing offseason additions. As stated before, this is my first blog and I am wiling to receive any sort of criticism, but please keep it constructive.