The Downfall of A&M... well, maybe not

By jwcaldwell2391
Jan. 01, 2017

So basically what was expected this week in College Football happened, Texas A&M loses, Washington goes up to #4 and Ohio State is left out again like the middle child at any given gathering. Here’s what’s funny; we STILL have differences between the AP and CFP, so here we go with our compare and contrast college football style.


#1, Who really deserves #2? I mean seriously, c’mon they’re practically the same team just one of them has gotten luckier than the other this year. The Big Blue won’t win that spot until they either beat OSU, Clemson loses, or both happen!

#2, Texas A&M v. College Football. A&M has successfully cheated this system to the very best it could possibly be cheated. A one-loss team entering the playoff last week over undefeated Washington, and then after being knocked off by under .500 MSU are only sent down the top ten? They shouldn’t even have a ranking! Sure, you lose your starting QB, but you began to come back in that game. Losing a QB doesn’t give your defense an excuse to give up 35 to an unranked, under .500 school. It’s just unreal how well they’ve gotten off in the rankings.

#3, Ohio State or Louisville? And does it really matter? The big difference that really affects the CFB Universe is between two, one-loss teams in Louisville and OSU. Louisville having lost to #2 Clemson, OSU losing to a highly underrated two-loss Penn State team. The CFP Picture has OSU at #5 and Louisville at #6, but with speculation about whose schedule has been tougher, remaining schedule, who you lost to, the committee seems to think the better of the two is Ohio State, but in all reality Louisville has consistently put up 50 against opponents whereas the highly overrated Ohio State offense couldn’t get it done against an unranked school. Step back and look at the big picture, and also consider that Louisville also has the Heisman Trophy front-runner with them.

And now for the Similarities!

#1, Bama remains on top, untouchable. Alabama seems to be the undisputed #1 in all polls, beating LSU in Death Valley last week and now having 2 conference games left in MSU and a tough Auburn team, both in Tuscaloosa. It seems like we can’t find a team that can really give Alabama a scare, a run for their money though? Well, just look at LSU and Texas A&M.

#2, Penn State, Legit? The Nittany Lions enter in the top 25 two weeks ago after winning over Ohio State at home, and have only excelled according to the Playoff Committee. What’s funny about this year in particular, is Penn State has a legit chance to go get that #4 spot, if Louisville were to lose to a good Houston or Kentucky team, Ohio State loses to Michigan (or vice versa), Texas A&M loses to Ole Miss or LSU (probable given Trevor Knight is now done for the remainder of the season), Auburn loses to Alabama, Wisconsin loses to Illinois or Minnesota which CAN happen they are both on a hot streak, and Washington loses to USC or Washington State, which has happened in the past because those teams know how to play each other. There are a lot of “if, then” scenarios that have to happen, and probably will happen and Alabama could be playing Penn State in the Playoffs this year. Should make for an interesting Christmas Break.

#3, The Big XII is undesirable. Let’s face it, the CFP Committee just has it out for the Big XII, and I think the Big XII has it out for themselves too. West Virginia now has the highest chance of winning out the Big XII but virtually no chance of getting into the playoff. This has been the third straight year something of this magnitude has happened so hats off to the Big XII we didn’t think y’all could mess this year up, and you did it!