How elite is D-Rose?

By CalvinChu
Nov. 17, 2014

Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports
Peter Llewellyn-USA TODAY Sports

Today's NBA features many, many, many score-first point guards. Gone are the days of the floor general that did little in the scoring department, as today's NBA lives outside on the perimeter. A guard that cannot be a respectable threat on the offensive side of the ball puts his team at a disadvantage because the defender can cheat on his man and help out on all the other players. 

Today, there are the Rajon Rondo's and the Chris Paul's that truly rack up assists. However, Paul was always a dual threat, and Rondo has developed some offense to become a more complete player.

However, what about Derrick Rose? The Bulls' point guard is one of the score first point guards. He has elite speed to blow by the nimblest of defenders. Rose has the ability to finish through contact in the lane, which comes in handy when he beats his initial defender. He has solid vision that allows him to find some open players, namely Jimmy "Buckets" Butler, who is emerging as a strong wing shooter.

Let the naysayers be naysayers. Derrick Rose satisfies the role of today's point guard, and can keep his team in any game.