Players Union Afraid of NBA Lockout In Near Future?

By CalvinChu
Jul. 01, 2014

This year's NBA Free Agency has been extremely high stakes, with many big names out there. With that the Union has made announcements to players to recommend that they include provisions in their contract verbage to receive their 2016-2017 season pay over 18 months. That way, the players would have some steady cash flow during a possible lockout before the 2017-2018 season, as that is when both players and owners can opt out of the collective bargaining agreements.

Certain players like Melo would be running into substantial amounts of money, and it'd be a good idea not to blow it all during the season, and not have anything during the lockout.

Of course, this is a sound piece of advice for a group of players that will be encountering high amounts of money, but you have to wonder if there will indeed be an NBA lockout, as one or even both sides could cause one.