Problem: Janay Rice is Now In An Unemployed Family

By CalvinChu
Sep. 09, 2014

Sometimes, we rush to make a decision without thinking through the impacts. This is one of those times. Ray Rice is now unemployed, and his wife now no longer has income in the family to support their children. Now, I understand exactly why Rice should lose his job, and you can argue that if they saved properly, Rice should still have enough money to support his family. However, the NFL is putting a burden on the back of the woman that was the victim in the situation, and is now even further victimized. Now, everyone sees her as the weak, limp, unconscious body, not a person. That is also extremely humiliating to know that the world sees your video. Maybe we need to consider who we're punishing here first (not Rice himself, but his family as a consequence) before we evaluate this situation further.