Middle School Football Play "Ugly Kardashian" Unethical?

By CalvinChu
Sep. 29, 2014

By now, we've seen this play, or variations of this play multiple times. The quarterback tricks everyone by claiming something irrelevant, and then runs through the defense for a touchdown.

"ugly Kardashian?"
Jim Brown-USA TODAY Sports

The real question is: Is this play ethical?

Young kids playing football should be playing to get better, not cheat another team out of a score. It's an underhanded, bush league kind of move. It doesn't teach kids to play better than the other team.

On the other hand, it also teaches kids to outsmart the other team, even when it physically is the lesser team. It also teaches kids to be alert on every play. Maybe some kid will actually make a big tackle on the quarterback someday when another team is gutsy enough to pull this off.