Teams to Sell Selfies with Athletes?

By CalvinChu
Nov. 10, 2014

We've seen the selfie as a goal celebration in soccer. We've seen the selfie in all sorts of sports places. But could this be the next thing teams monetize?

Hey! Look here!

That's right. It's a fan taking a selfie with a penalty-box confined Phil Kessel (Toronto Maple Leafs). The player can do nothing about it, since he's restrained. Maybe soon there will be a long arm extension to take a selfie with a baseball dugout, or the pitchers in the bullpen. Heck, get a selfie as LeBron walks to the locker-room at halftime. As Tiger Woods' golf cart cruises by you on the path to the green, snap one real quick. 

But wait. You can't get anything for free at sports arenas. At some point, they'll start charging for air. So why not monetize this now. It's not like owners don't have enough money from double digit concession prices...

Maybe you let fans pay extra money for 1 minute on the bench. They can snap a full team photo while they're at it. 

On the flip side, maybe players will have cameras on them and take selfies with fans? Then they can put it on the team website, where you can buy it (a la Disneyland/world) as a gimmick to drive up ad revenues to their website, as well as buy some team gear while your at it. 

Would you take a selfie with a player while they're in game? More importantly, would you pay for it? Also, let us know in the comments below who would be your ideal player to take a selfie with?