Malik Monk : The Microwave

I have watched Kentucky a handful of times this season and each time I have been mesmerized by the offensive ability of Malik Monk. He possesses this uncanny ability to control his body depending on how the defender is playing him that enables him just enough air space to get his shot off whenever he so pleases. This ability deems defensive schemes to negate him utterly useless.

John Calipari has coached an ungodly number of freshman phenoms : Derrick Rose, Demarcus Cousins, John Wall, and Anthony Davis just to name a few. No freshman has posted the numbers that Monk has under Coach Cal, as he is averaging just a shade under 22 points per game.

Most mock drafts have Monk slotted in the mid-lottery. That is preposterous. i think that Monk's ceiling is just as high as anyone not named Markelle Fultz or Dennis Smith Jr. in this coming NBA Draft. In a league that values potential and three-point shooting more than ever, why is the most prolific shooter and a player with Monk's ceiling being glossed over?

Malik Monk is a combination of Klay Thompson and JR Smith. That is a befuddling player comp, but let me explain. He has Klay's ability to be absolutely lethal shooting off the catch and also has the ability to be an absolute menace on the defensive end. He also reminds me of JR Smith with his ability to utilize step-backs and other crafty footwork to create space. Like both Klay and JR, Malik Monk has the ability to catch fire and carry an NBA team. For that reason alone, he should be a top-three pick in the NBA Draft.