Why Mike Glennon May NOT be so BAD

[Wilson changed Glennon's path]

When you think of Mike Glennon you think mediocrity or lifer back-up quarterback. While you may want to gulp lets take a look at this potential Bears marriage with positives. Glennon has won a title leading Westfield High School to a 15-0 record capturing a state title. Its High School but its a pattern. Glennon would travel south to play at North Carolina State where he would back-up current Seahawks star Russell Wilson. Glennon and Wilson were roommates and its believed he still leans on Wilson for advice. Wilson has won a Superbowl, maybe Glennon has learned how to win one. Okay, enough with the jokes but I'm not saying Glennon will be the next Russell Wilson but it proves he's willing to learn from the best and improve his game or leadership skills, something Jay Cutler never did, at least not to my knowledge.

Glennon’s career numbers are nothing to brag about to your rival fans (21 games/ 4100yds/ 30tds/ 15INTS/ 84.6QBR) but the more I think about it, Mike Glennon is a interesting candidate to supplant Jay Cutler. Can we go back to the year of 2001? The Bears were once again picked to finish last in the NFC North or was it Central? Anyhow the Bears quietly landed Pittsburgh backup Jim Miller two years prior. Miller, with the help of back-up Shane Matthews engineered the Bears to a 13-3 record and captured the NFC North title in 2001. The Bears did have some magical finishes that year but Jim Miller did play decent enough football to win some keys games.

I’m a fan of the quarterback with the big ol’ chip and this could be Glennon. Once a back-up to Russell Wilson, goes to Tampa inherits the Greg Shiano/Lovie Smith disaster that crashed and burned leaving Glennon one of few survivors, then goes on to back up Jameis Winston. Mike Glennon’s been through a lot of change without the drama, just being a good serviceable veteran. You should admire the professional attitude of Glennon whom some believed was a NFL starter.

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Glennon is a mysterious quarterback who lacks glaring attributes but if you’re going to change the culture of the Bears why not give Glennon a shot and see what he can do. He will be a bargain, will probably demand somewhere between $10-$12 million and we still can’t rule out the Bears drafting a Quarterback who can be an understudy. Bringing in Glennon is not telling the fan base this is our guy but it’s more of telling the fan base this is serviceable veteran who we believe can be consistent and win some games without costly mistakes. That's who Jim Miller was and this is probably what Mike Glennon is. 

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