I'm back !!! My thoughts about the Habs so far this season....

By JP12
Dec. 19, 2016

Hello everyone ! I'm finally back here on my blog after a 2 months hiatus. Since last October, I was very busy with my school homeworks and I have literally no time to write anymore and I am sorry for that. However, now my semester at school is done and I will be able to continue to write here for the next month at least. Here a quick look at what the Montreal Canadiens did so far this season and my thoughts on their season so far....

The Montreal Canadiens did really well since the start of the season with a 20-7-4 record. The record is almost the same as last year at the same date, but we all agree that the main difference is that superstar goalie Carey Price is now 100% healthy this season and the team as more depth than last year. Talking of Price, did you see his reaction when he was pulled of the game againts the San Jose Sharks last friday night ? He was very mad and take a big furious look at his teammates. In Montreal, the medias made a pretty big story about that by saying that he shouldn't reacted that way and some compared this situation to the one of Patrick Roy when he was traded to the Colorado Avalanche ! What did you think about this ? For me, he was just a storm in a glass of water and Carey Price did nothing wrong and he has the right to do that, because he his the best player of the team since 2-3 years.

In others news, the Canadiens had very bad news in the last few weeks when they announced that Alex Galchenyuk and David Desharnais will be out for quite a while with injuries. For Galchenyuk, this was very unfortunate, because he was the best player of the team since the start of the season and he was on pace for a 70 points season. For Desharnais, it was a little bit more complicated, but when he was injured he were playing very good hockey for the Habs. Now with these injuries, do you think the Canadiens should make a trade for a center ? It will be very difficult, because the others teams don't want to trade their best center players, but we never know what GM Marc Bergevin could do. So far, so good for the Canadiens without these players, but for how long ?

This will be a big week coming for the Habs with 3 games. Tomorrow the team will play against a very talented Anaheim Ducks squad in Montreal. Thursday, the Minnesota Wild who are on fire with 7 straight wins will be in town for the last game in Montreal in 3 weeks and friday the Habs will be in Columbus for a rematch against the red hot Blue Jackets. This game will also mark the start of a 7 games road trip for the Canadiens. How many wins for the Habs this week ? I will say 2, but it won't be easy in any of the games.

So that complete my review of the Montreal Canadiens so far this season ! Don't forget to leave comments, because I will love to hear what you have to say about the Habs and don't forget to subscribe to my blog if you like it ! :)