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Top 5 Underrated Players in the NBA

By JayWood
Jan. 31, 2017

       In a Basketball world focused on LeBron competing to repeat against a stacked up Warriors team, others stick out as contenders and MVP candidates. Russell Westbrook with 24 Triple Doubles has OKC sitting in 6th after Durant dipped out on them. James Harden has the Rockets sitting 3rd with D'Antoni as head coach while getting his 14th Triple Double and 2 being with 5o point. Spurs as always, still looking strong as a whole with Kawhi and LaMarcus leading the pack. Isaiah Thomas, John Wall, Kemba Walker, Kyle Lowry all killing it and putting their respective teams on their back

. Damian Lillard is finally getting recognition, but unlike Harden and Westbrook with the triple double accolades and strong contention. But at times the league overlooks players that don't stick out as much because either the team as a whole is under performing, the team already has an Elite or Superstar taking up the lime light. These players sometimes mean more to the organization and perform beyond expectation while remaining under the radar. LeBron if you're reading this, hit up 1 and 3 for help.....

1. Eric Bledsoe PG (Phoenix)

Because he's had a history of severe injuries and knee surgery, while being on the worst team in the West with little to no chemistry and the attention being on the Suns rising star Devon Booker hasn't affected Bledsoe's game. He is playing at a very high level with no signs of slowing down. Currently averaging 21.4 PPG / 5 REB / 6.3 AST and 1.45 steal on the season, he can be an instant game changer for a team in contention missing a piece and looking for a scorer with stamina. Last 10 games he's averaging 26.2 PPG / 5.1 REB / 8.1 AST on 36.3 minutes.

2. C.J. McCollum SG (Portland)

Most if not all of the attention is pointed at the newest All Star Lillard, yet C.J. is averaging 23.5 PPG / 3.6 REB / 3.6 AST on the season. good enough for 14th in the league in scoring. In the last 10 games alone hes averaging 22.9 PPG and 16 steals. Lit up GS for 28 points and put in work from all over the floor in the loss. Huge playmaker and shot creator.

3. Harrison Barnes F (Dallas)

Let's face it, their have been few bright sides to the Mavs season and it's a miracle they are not in last place given how many have been in and out with injuries this season. After having to leave a championship team, he made a new home and has thrived in Dallas. From bench player to starter, Harrison has really showed the league he is one to change the dynamics of a team as he can spread the floor and be in the post. Averaging 20.4 PPG / 5.2 REB.

4. Bradley Beal SG (Washington)

John Wall has been going off this season, but a big part to the Team's success is also coming from a huge contribution from Beal and his 21.8 PPG / 2.9 REB / 3.6 AST. They can arguably be the leagues best back court. Beal is both young and athletic, with signs of improvemnet ranked 23rd in the league in scoring.

5. Rudy Gobert C (Utah)

A huge reason for the Jazz success is coming from the league leading shot blocking entity in the paint with 2.55 per night Center who is also averaging a Double Double on the season with 12.8 PPG & 12.5 REB. It also helps that he has the league's 2nd best FG%.

Honorable Mentions

Lou Williams G Lakers

18.2 PPG on 24.4 minutes per game off the bench

Jabari Parker F Bucks

20 PPG / 6 REB / 3 AST

Marcin Gortat C Wizards

11.4 PPG / 11.4 REB / 1.6 AST

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