Trouba Trade Talk

The Winnipeg Jets had recently found themselves in an interesting situation, after defenceman Jacob Trouba announced through his agent on Saturday that he wants to be traded. Trouba said that he feels as through he isn't being given the minutes that he would like, as well, Trouba said that he wants to play on the right side. However, with Tyler Myers and Dustin Byfuglien ahead of him on the right side, Trouba feels that he will be stuck playing behind them for another season. In an attempt to come to an agreement with Trouba, the Jets suggested playing him on the left side. Trouba declined that offer as he feels as though he is a much better player and that a move to a new team will help him to "realize his potential". Trouba has also refused to attend training camp with the Jets in the hope that he will be dealt before the season begins. Trouba's Winnipeg teammate Mathieu Perreault was quite unhappy with Trouba's request and said, "This guy plays big minutes, 22 minutes, and he's gonna complain some sort of way about his ice time? How much more does he want?" The Jets have reportedly been in talks with several teams over the young defenceman. The Jets are asking for a left handed defenceman in return. The 22 year old defenceman was drafted 9th overall in 2012 draft. Trouba had a 23 goals and 49 assists for a total of 72 points in 211 career games with the Jets. Trouba is entering his final year under contract, and has high hopes for a new beginning out of Winnipeg, as well as a new contract at the end of the season.