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Team North America Out?

By LukeTalotta
Sep. 22, 2016

As Team North America wrapped up their final round robin game yesterday with a 4-3 OT victory over Sweden, many questions surround the team and whether or not the young stars will perform together again. As the current standings show, Sweden will finish 1st in group B with two wins and an OT loss, a total of 5 points, and the North Americans in 2nd with two wins and a regulation loss to the Russians, leaving them with four points. Russia currently sits in 3rd with two points, however at 3PM the Russians will play their final round robin game against the winless Finland. With a Russian victory, they will advance along with the Swedes based on a head to head decision. Although the North Americans have stolen the hearts of the Canadian and American nations with their speed and impressive young talent, the team could easily be eliminated from the tournament tonight. The team has surprised many, and has become the most interesting team in the tournament. The team of very young, talented professionals has been dominant throughout the tournament in the offensive category, led by forward Nathan MacKinnon, Shayne Gostisbehere, and Johnny Gaudreau. The team has shown the potential of the future superstars of the NHL. The young men seem to be enjoying themselves as a team and hope to play together again. Finland, currently winless in the tournament, looks to play spoiler to the Russians, with ambitions of finishing the tournament with a win. The good news for team North America is that Russia will have to play without star centerman and NHL veteran Pavel Datsyuk, which could prove to be the difference in the fate of the Russians. Most fans living in North America will certainly be rooting for Finland in todays matchup, but until the final horn, team North America and their strong fan base will need to wait to see their fate.