NBA: Why Kyrie Irving is destined for a breakout year

By marquelaries
Oct. 18, 2016

Kyrie Irving and the Cleveland Cavaliers are set to defend their title as the NBA season tips off next week. The Cleveland Cavaliers have enjoyed their summer as they were the first team ever to come back from a 3-1 deficit in an NBA Finals. Well that is old news now as a new season starts and a new quest begin. The Cavs are the favorites to come out the East and have a great chance to repeat. Many have placed that task on the shoulders of Lebron James, but you can expect Kyrie Irving to have an even bigger impact on the Cavs this season. Kyrie Irving is due for a breakout year and here's why.

NBA Experience

Kyrie Irving has improved every season in the league and expect to see a big jump not in terms of numbers, but in terms of impact. Irving has always been a good player, but it wasn't until the NBA Finals where he showed the world what he really could do. Irving was a terrific Robin to Lebron James Batman and played a huge role in the Cavs coming back from a 3-1 deficit. Expect that momentum to continue into this season and if he is healthy, Irving can be a top five MVP candidate.

Lebron James trusts him more

Sure Lebron always says the right things about Irving, but trust needs to be earned and you can see that Lebron has grown to trust Irving more in the playoffs. In Game 7 of the Finals, Lebron deferred to Irving and let him take over in the fourth quarter, which was obviously a good decision. The chemistry has grown between these two stars during the last two seasons and expect Irving to benefit more from it.

Coach Lue's system

Kyrie Irving is a scoring point guard. That's what he likes to do, score. Well, Tyronn Lue's system enables him to score a lot due to the uptempo pace they play. With a full season under Lue, expect Irving's numbers to increase and expect him to get more opportunities to score. Irving can score in bunches and with the trust that Lebron has in him, you can expect him to get the ball even more often than he has in the past.

Kyrie Irving is only 24 and his potential grows with each passing game. It's going to be fun watching him this season and watching him grow into a better player. Irving is moving up the point guard rankings and after this season, he will definitely rise above a few.

Do you think Kyrie Irving is going to have a great season this year? Comment below and thanks for reading!