The Must-Watch NFL Games for Each Week of 2020

By Grant Seterstrom
May. 12, 2020

This NFL season might be one of the most exciting seasons in NFL history because it will probably be the first sporting event to take place since sports were cancelled.

The NFL schedule was released last Thursday and I'm taking an in-depth look at the best game for each week of the upcoming season.

Week 1 - Saints Vs. Buccaneers

This will be Tom Brady's first start as a Buccaneer and it comes against the reigning NFC South champions. There will be a lot of hype leading up to this game and I am all for it. Does Tom still have enough gas in the tank? How will Gronk do after taking a year off? Can the Bucs dethrone Drew Brees and the Saints? What a way to start off the season.

Week 2 - Texans Vs. Ravens

Lamar Jackson and Deshawn Watson have had a rivalry since they were in college. Both teams are expecting to be in the playoffs next season and I think this will be a statement game.

Week 3 - Ravens Vs. Chiefs

The Ravens are going to have this game marked on their calendar. The Ravens were robbed of going to the AFC Championship last year, and everyone was looking forward to seeing the 2 most explosive offense battle it out for a shot at the Super Bowl. This game will determine who the team to beat is in the AFC for the rest of the season.

Week 4 - Chiefs Vs. Patriots

I know Tom Brady is gone, but the Patriots defense is still stacked. This game will prove if the Patriots still have the ability to compete without their star quarterback.

Week 5 - Seahawks Vs. Vikings

I can't wait to see the Kirk Cousins primetime stats. THIS IS OUR YEAR BABY. Time to prove we can win in primetime against a playoff caliber opponent (We probably won't, but it's a nice thought).

Week 6 - Buccaneers Vs. Packers

Brady Vs. Rodgers. There have been a lot of different opinions on who is better. This is the third time that Brady and Rodgers face off (both are 1-1 against each other), and if Brady wins as a Buccaneer I don't think Packers fans can hide behind any excuses that Tom Brady has been the better quarterback.

Week 7 - Patriots Vs. 49ers

Imagine if the Patriots would have never traded Garoppolo. This would have been his year to take over the Patriots. Even though he is in a great situation in San Fransisco, he still has a chip on his shoulder.

Week 8 - Bills Vs. Patriots

The Bills have been waiting for this moment for 20 years. Tom Brady is finally gone and this could be the year that they overcome the Patriots and win their division.

Week 9 - 49ers Vs. Packers

This is a rematch of the NFC Championship game last year. The 49ers dominated the NFC last year and going into 2020 they are the team to beat in the NFC. This will be a test for the Packers to see if they are still Super Bowl contenders.

Week 10 - Saints Vs. 49ers

The Saints were the only team I thought could've beat the 49ers in the playoffs last year. They played last year in the regular season and the Saints should have won, if George Kittle wasn't an absolute beast with a 40-yard catch and a facemask penalty that setup the game winning field goal for the 49ers.

Week 11 - Ravens Vs. Titans

The Titans had the biggest upset win in the playoffs last year against the Ravens. The Ravens will be out for blood.

Week 12 - Buccaneers Vs. Chiefs

If the Buccaneers live up the the hype and they are still in the playoff race at this point this will be an incredible matchup. Could this be a possible Super Bowl matchup? That's a hot take, but still an exciting thought.

Week 13 - Dolphins Vs. Bengals

Hopefully by this time in the season the Fitzmagic has run out in Miami and the top 2 quarterback prospects can duel it out to see which team made the better pick.

Week 14 - Bills Vs. Steelers

With Big Ben back, the Steelers are back in the playoff picture. With the Bills being favorites to win their division this could be a potential playoff matchup.

Week 15 - Saints Vs. Chiefs

This is a potential Super Bowl matchup. I'm could see this game being similar to the Chiefs-Rams game in Mexico when both teams scored over 50 points. Expect a shootout.

Week 16 - Saints Vs. Vikings

The Saints are out for revenge, while the Vikings hope for another miracle. The Vikings have killed the Saints Super Bowl hopes 2 of the past 3 seasons and this late in the season will lead to an intense meeting.

Week 17 - 49ers Vs. Seahawks

This is one of the best divisional matchups in the league and with both teams poised to be in playoff positions at this point this could be one of the few games in week 17 to determine who wins the division.

There's a lot of games I'm looking forward too this season and I cannot wait for sports to be back.