The Money Fight: The Upper Hand

By Greyson Shambaugh
Aug. 20, 2017

August 26th. The day the hype becomes real. Mayweather and McGregor finally stand behind their words. Mayweather (40 years young, is 5'8'' and 151 pounds) is 49-0 with 26 KO wins. He is only one away from possibly being 50-0. In my opinion, Mayweather has the upper hand. He is a professional boxer and has been successful. McGregor (29 years young, is 5'9'' and 154 pounds) is a MMA star. MMA is a whole different style of fighting. Boxing is hands and footwork. MMA is feet, knees, and what ever body part you wanna use to whack your opponent. McGregor has yet to beat a solid fighter in MMA(my opinion). While Mayweather has took down Pacquiao and Mitchell.

I think a may be a decent fight. But, it won't go 3 rounds. Mayweather is going to land some punches, ok, a lot of punches, and McGregor is going to get furious and get himself eliminated from the rest of the fight. Due to that fact that he went MMA style on Mayweather. So, who has the upper hand in this fight? Most definitely Mayweather.