LeBron James Wins Male Athlete of Decade by the Associated Press

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After Serena Williams won “Female Athlete of the Decade”, the Associated Press named LeBron James, the NBA superstar, the best male athlete of the decade.

It was not an easy journey for LeBron who has beaten legendary athletes in the likes of Usain Bolt, Tom Brady, Michael Phelps, and Lionel Messi for the title.

Yet, it was definitely a fruitful decade him. In 2010, he was considered one of the primary villains of the NBA when he spurned Cleveland Cavaliers in favor of Miami Heat. But he failed to bag a title during the first season.

Winning Two Championships

Nevertheless, he came back quickly after eventually winning two championships with Miami Heat and then going back to Cleveland in order to bring the team to the championship.

LeBron’s performance during the NBA Finals in 2016 where his team played against the Golden State Warriors was definitely the talk of NBA fans around the world, just like the qq39.bet . This started in an iconic chase with Andre Igoudala. The chase helped seal the series of victory.

In 2018, LeBron once again left the Cleveland Cavaliers. However, his fans fully understood his decision to sign up with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Greatest Players of All Time

LeBron James has established himself as among the greatest players in the history of NBA from 2010 to 2019. He landed in number 4 on the scoring list of all time and has won three MVP (Most Valuable Player Awards). Furthermore, he played 8 times straight during the NBA Finals.

Outside the court, some of LeBron’s biggest accomplishments were building a school in Akron, Ohio, where he comes from. The school has become a huge hit.

More About LeBron James

LeBron James was recently declared a winner in the voting of the sports editors of Associated Press, beating Tom Brady from the New England Patriots. Not a single player in the NBA has earned more points than LeBron James over the past ten years, which is why many believe that the athlete deserves the title. When he started, he was on number 124 in the scoring list. But he has definitely come a long way now.

It was LeBron’s impressive work ethics that took him to where he is now. He admits being obsessed with working even though he has already earned fame and fortune and still wake up in as early as 3AM. By 3:45, he is already at the Warner Bros, where there is a court and weight room built specifically for him. At 4 AM, he starts shooting and at 5:30, he’s ready to begin another round of shooting for the remake of Space Jam. He’s done with this by 7 AM.

Those who know him agree that he’s the kind of person who will do whatever it takes to fulfill his commitments and will make sure to give everything in his craft, especially during his games.