No Sympathy for Jerry Jones

Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports
Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

I don’t feel sorry for Jerry Jones. Honestly, why should anyone? The owner of the Dallas Cowboys can’t claim his team and star RB Ezekiel Elliott are victims when Jones should had seen this coming. Especially since this hissy fit is because the tables are turned against him this time.

Weeks ago Jones threatened to sue the NFL over the compensation committee’s ability to negotiate a contract extension with commissioner Roger Goodell. Jones has since backed down from his threat, but remains committed to changing the negotiations to involve all 32 owners.

“This is not about replacing Roger,” Jones said to USA Today Tuesday. “It’s a misnomer to say it’s payback for Ezekiel Elliott. It is about the accountability of the commissioner to all of the ownership.”

Saying it’s a misnomer that it’s payback for Elliott is a lie. In August Goodell imposed a six-game suspension on Elliott for violating the league’s personal conduct policy. That decision set Jones off, as Jones threatened to go after Goodell in a phone call with the commish and NFL general counsel Jeff Pash.

Hold on. What happened to taking your medicine, Jerry? That’s what you told New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft to do when the Patriots and QB Tom Brady were in Goodell’s crosshairs.

Jones was a vocal Goodell supporter when the commissioner was trying to make an example out of Brady and the Patriots over Deflategate, no matter how ridiculously the penalty didn’t fit the crime. Maybe it was because Jones and his fellow owners couldn’t beat the Patriots on the field they were willing to use methods outside the lines to disable New England.

How short-sighted of the owners. They failed to understand how a victory for Goodell would mean he had the power to punish any player on any team however he wants, no matter how unfair it seems.

In August, Jones found out how Kraft felt. Sure didn’t bother Jones when it wasn’t his team and player. I got some good advice for Jones, but I’m sure the hypocrite won’t listen.

Since Jones won’t take his own advice, it isn’t a surprise that he reneged on the decision to let the compensation committee negotiate Goodell’s next deal. Back in May, the owners voted unanimously to authorize a six-member compensation committee to negotiate Goodell’s contract.

Almost six months later, Jones now wants “accountability.” No, another lie. Jones wants revenge. Since his Cowboys lost Elliott for six games, Jones wants Goodell to lose something.

What that something will be is unknown. Though Jones backed down from suing the NFL, he’s still going after Goodell.

Jones should proceed at his own risk. He already pissed off some owners with his lawsuit threat. If they carry that like a chip on their shoulders, they could give Jones a hard time in other issues for considering going rogue.

Maybe one of the owners to antagonize Jones will be Kraft. After all, according to ESPN The Magazine, Jones said to Goodell, "If you think Bob Kraft came after you hard, Bob Kraft is a p---y compared to what I'm going to do."

Kraft got the best revenge. His Patriots won Super Bowl LI after following the “take your medicine” advice from the lying hypocrite. But who’s to say Kraft is above a little salt in Jones’ wound?

Jones can grandstand all he wants. He had it coming. It’s what happens when you keep rewarding your guard dog unconditionally. Eventually he bites the hands that pay him. Jones should had known one day Goodell would turn the authority he was given by the owners on one of them.

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