It Was Clemson's Time

By Princess Cooper
Jan. 10, 2017

It just all seemed to fall right for Clemson. I thought their season was pedestrian and mostly up and down until the Pittsburgh loss. They should have lost the week before to NC State. But, here are now. The morning after a National Championship for the ages in Death Valley.

Speaking of Death Valley. When the two teams met in the Bowl Game about four years ago, LSU v Clemson, that game signified the rise of the Tigers. The second indicator of awesome things coming was the commitment of DeShaun Watson. 

Dabo was prepared. DeShaun had seen this movie before. And, this championship was their destiny. You could see it coming a mile away. 

Clemson had a total dominance of Ohio State. Bama had drama with OCs and just enough chink in the armor. And, once the Tigers made it to half-time only down 7, you knew there was a chance to play this game close and possibly take down the Tide. It happened. 

Watson got lit up from the beginning. But, he stayed poised. And, when they got a big play they capitalize and made key plays to win this game. Shout out to Renfro, Dain, and Williams. They were the best compliment for Watson. A shout out to the 99 plays they ran against that Bama Defense. It had to have made a difference late in the game. 

And, the Clemson defense did what they needed to do. They held that team together while the Offense got it together and started scoring. 

It was indeed meant to be. Dabo sent Saban the note back in March that said, "See you in Tampa." And, that's exactly what they did. They saw and they conquered. Thank you Clemson!!! I am so sick of that R___Tide anyway. This time they got rolled!!!!