Four NFL Coaches Entering the Season on the Hot Seat

Unfortunately, every year NFL head coaches lose their jobs. Whether fair or unfair, ownership tends to run out of patience if you're a struggling franchise. The NFL is a cutthroat business. This year there are a couple NFL head coaches entering the 2020 NFL season on the hot seat.

Matt Patrica

The Lions have gone 9-19-1 under Matt Patrica. The poor record isn't the only reason Patrica finds himself in the hot seat. Patrica has come under fire from former players, including former Lion Darius Slay, for his inability to get along with some players. Patrica needs a good season to save his job. Another season with a top ten pick and player and coach drama will lead to Patrica being fired.

Dan Quinn

Quinn has a 43-37 record with the Falcons. Quinn has been the coach for the past five seasons. The Super Bowl run is really keeping Quinn afloat. Since the 2016 season, the Falcons have gotten worse every year. It's not that the Falcons don't have talent, they just can't seem to put it all together. Ironically, the Falcons are a more offensive-oriented team, while Quinn's specialty is defense. The Falcons need to show promise for Quinn to keep his job. I'm not sure another 7-9 season will keep Quinn around. The talent is there, but the division got even tougher this year.

Bill O'Brien

O'Brien might not have the hottest seat entering the season, but a disappointing season could lead to his departure. O'Brien is 52-44 in six seasons with the Texans. Some of the coaching decisions throughout O'Brien's coaching career have been questionable. Go watch the NFL Divisional Round last season vs. the Chiefs and you'll see O'Brien make critical mistakes. After being appointed GM, O'Brien is now making questionable roster moves. Trading DeAndre Hopkins and a draft pick for David Johnson and two draft picks was a strange one. O'Brien has also been criticized by former players, like Hopkins after he was traded. For O'Brien to be fired it would take a major collapse from the Texans. Personally, It wouldn't take much if I was the owner, but I'm not. Sorry Texans fans. Missing the playoffs would put O'Brien on the hot seat.

Doug Marrone

In 4 years with the Jaguars, Marrone is 22-28. That's including their improbable run to the AFC Championship in the 2017 season. The Jaguars followed the 2017 season up by going 5-11 and 6-10 the next two seasons. The worst part for Marrone is the Jaguars seem to be heading into a rebuild. A lot of times, teams like to get a fresh face for the rebuild. It's unrealistic to think Marrone can put together a great season with the Jaguars roster, but the NFL isn't a fair business. Marrone needs to overachieve to keep his job.