Are The Chargers Super Bowl Condenders

I think the chargers are Super Bowl contenders because they only lost by three points to the defending champ Kansas City Chiefs. also Justin Herbert with his first start in the NFL and as a charger. In my opinion Herbert played way better last week than Tyrod Taylor did in week one against the Cincinnati Bengals. Justin Herbert was drafted 6th in the first round of the 2020 NFL draft by the LA Chargers and year he was supposed to be learning and be mentored by Tyrod Taylor but with a week two pregame chest injury Taylor could be out until the playoffs and even then if Herbert plays like he did against the chiefs than Tyrod Taylor won’t be getting his starting job back anytime soon. Also I think that Herbert could be the LA chargers next franchise quarterback. Also his stats for week two are 311 yards passing,one touchdown and one interception.