Retired Running Back Using Lap Dances to Get HOF Votes

By Patrick
Jan. 07, 2017

When you are a professional football player the ultimate goal in life is to get into the Hall of Fame. Likewise, the ultimate goal for middle class workers is to graduate with a high paying job and work until you can retire comfortably. Retired running back Edgerrin James has been forced to take on extreme measures after he failed to make the 2017 class.

He leads in all-time success rate as posted on his social media:

His caption is what really gets you. Now he is planning for the biggest stripper session possible.

"And they don't wanna let me in the 'HOF'.... but 'IDGAF'... But when they do, I'm gonna have the Biggest Party with the most Skkrrippers Canton has ever seen and pay for every Voters lap dances all nite long... (Heart Attack alert)...compliments of The Edge."