Grading NFL draft picks 33-40 (Day 2)

By Patrick
Apr. 29, 2017

NFL draft day 2 is now behind us as we move into day 3. Last night there were some excellent picks made a number of teams. Here is a recap:

Pick No. 33: Green Bay Packers selected Kevin King, CB (Grade: B)

I would say the Packers made the right choice taking King. He has the perfect size-speed combination at cornerback.

Pick No. 34: Jacksonville Jaguars selected Cam Robinson, OT (Grade: A)

Choosing Cam Robinson with the 34th pick was an excellent choice. I know that there were plenty of teams interested in Robinson. The Jaguars traded up to grab him, giving up picks 35 and 187. Robinson is one of those guys that could have easily been a first-round pick. He is truthfully one of the most talented offensive linemen in this draft.

Pick No. 35: Seattle Seahawks select Malik McDowell, DE (Grade: B-)

The Seahawks have already traded down three times in the 2017 draft. They finally got a chance to take a player, and they choose McDowell. I would say that this is a good pick. They did pass on several talented defensive backs and Forrest Lamp.

Pick No. 36: Arizona Cardinals selected Budda Baker, S (Grade: A)

I think this is an excellent pick by the Cardinals. The Cardinals did have to give up a handful of picks (45, 119, 197 and a 2018 fourth-rounder), but this guy is a beast. Baker plays aggressively and has a good vision for the game. I imagine he will do great working alongside Tyrann Mathieu.

Pick No. 37: Buffalo Bills selected Zay Jones, WR (Grade: A-)

Zay Jones is a player I have been watching for a long time now. I think he is great. He has superior hand-eye-coordination and great speed. The Bills significantly improved their offense with this guy. I would like to see how he does working alongside Watkins.

Pick No. 38: San Diego Chargers selected Forrest Lamp, G (Grade: A)

I like this pick at 38. I believe that Lamp will help Philip Rivers improve his game and help the offense run smoothly. This pick is an example of one of those best player available-meets-need scenarios.