Why the Cowboys Need Romo to be Healthy?

By Patrick
Nov. 04, 2016

This season, rookie quarterback Dak Prescott (drafted first round) has started seven games and won six of them. His biggest win was against the Philadelphia eagles, the Cowboy's rival. That game kept the Cowboys at the top of the NFC East and two games ahead of the next team in the division.

While it was a good game overall for the team, it was not a good night for the rookie. He was performing poorly for the first hour of the game and almost made several mistakes that could have cost the team the game. The final few minutes of the game he improved, but was still just average.

In the forth quarter, Prescott went 4 for 11 on pass attempts for 66 yards and one touchdown. He did tie the game up at 23 with just under two minutes to go in the forth quarter, but when asked to drive his team down the field from the Dallas 40-yard line, he failed. Prescott couldn't get in field goal range and missed every pass attempt.

The Cowboys have a solid offensive line, so it wan't like he was pressured more than usual. He wasn't reading the defense right and wasn't comfortable with his play calling. Prescott did lead his team to victory in overtime, but without being excused from his mistakes and not managing to tie the game up, he would have went 4 of 34 for 231 yards, one touchdown and one interception. Those numbers are not near elite quarterback numbers.

He made plenty of mistakes missing guys who were wide open just to throw it in dangerous coverage areas.

Missed opportunities will begin to hurt the Cowboys more later in the season and during the playoffs. Cowboys are going to want a smart, experienced quarterback that can read defenses, make the right plays, and be clutch in the red zone. Romo has a lot of experience and the red zone and knows which plays to make. He has been good in crucial game moments.

Romo could be in the talks for a potential hall of fame player if he can stay healthy and get back on the field. The Cowboys will have Prescott next season and there is much more he could learn.