Will the Panthers Make Any Trades Prior to the Deadline?

By Patrick
Oct. 28, 2016

A pass rush that is not getting to the quarterback. Secondary is beaten up with injuries. No protection for Cam Newton. So many choices for the Panthers to improve their team. Will they make any decisions before the deadline?

The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday November 1st at 4:00 pm. Head Coach Rivera was reminded about the upcoming date during his time talking to the press today. The fact that Rivera was slightly surprised the deadline was so soon, is a pretty good sign that there have been little, if any, trade talks between the Panthers and other teams. 

Typically there is little chatter around the half way point of the NFL season in terms of trade talks. The transactions half way through an NFL season is no where near close to the number of trades in MLB.

The Carolina Panthers (1-5) are standing on the line between playoffs and end of the season with hopes of beating Arizona to remain in the playoff chase. One more loss brings them down to a 0% percent chance to make playoffs statistically. This game Sunday may determine what transactions the Panthers could consider at the deadline. If anything were to happen it is looking like the Panthers would add a player. Definitely not sell.

"I don't think we're looking to sell anybody," Rivera said. "If anything, who knows, maybe there is something we’re looking at and maybe this is the type of game that could dictate whether or not we’re buyers. But that’s purely speculation."

The struggling Browns have plenty of players the Panthers could use. Left tackle Joe Thomas and cornerbacks Joe Haden and Tramon Williams. However, the Browns have declared Joe Thomas off limits for now.

The Panthers have $19 million in cap space. That means there is plenty of room for another big contract.