2017 Phil. Cup: The #1 Trade Asset of Blackwater, Ginebra, Mahindra, Phoenix, TNT, Rain or Shine

By Bigmatch
Nov. 23, 2016

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A lot of trades already happened in the off-season, but I am pretty sure you are still craving for more. Each team is molded in different ways and each one has a player or a pick that could give them more value than the cost. We call that "trade asset" and here are the best trade asset of each team.

BLACKWATER - 2017 1st
This will be a risky hedge for the Elite but if the management feels that their team can find their way to the playoffs for the three conferences, they should take it. Their future is already in good hands with their young core so trading that 1st for a proven big and a certified shooter would be a huge plus for them.

GINEBRA - Greg Slaughter
Greg is the second most impactful player in the league so keeping him is a no-brainer. Until you win a championship without him. Ginebra got a crown without him in the court so it is logical to exchange him for a package that can sustain this franchise for the next two decades!

We also need to consider that they grabbed another giant in the draft. Coach Tim is a master of teaching positioning in defense, so Jericho de Guzman can also be a force on defense. For the tallest and the second most impactful player in the league, giving up three 1st round picks is a minimum, four 1st round picks will not be crazy, but I am willing to bet that there is a team out there who will give four 1st round picks and some other players. 

I respect LA's game but his inefficiency and defensive limitation make him an average player, in terms of impact. Behind him in the depth chart are two players with higher ceiling in Michael DiGregorio and Reden Celda. 

Even though the Fuel Masters is planning to play as fast as possible, they will not survive with a single passable legit bigman. Caperal and Torres still need some seasoning to be consistent positive contributors. On the other hand, they are loaded in the wing so how about converting Intal, who has a respectable reputation, into a bigman that they need?

RAIN OR SHINE - Jeff Chan 
The Elasto Painters has the most loaded wing in the league with Norwood, Yap, Chan, Trollano, Ibanez and Cruz. I doubt, Elasto Painters will ever trade Yap so I never considered him. Chan is the most susceptible to over-payment because of his consistency. If one team offers a starting caliber big and a 2nd round pick, the Elasto Painters better accept it. 

TNT - Ranidel de Ocampo
I respect RDO's game and experience, but Troy Rosario really need to lock-up the PF position of TNT to totally blossom into the player that we expect him to be. The majority of the teams still see RDO as one of the top 10 players in the league and I am pretty sure they will give a top-10 player package for him. I think, this is the key to unlocking a better future for the Tropang Texters.