The NFL Season is on the Verge of Going Off the Rails

For the first three weeks of the 2020 campaign, the NFL seemed too have found the magic formula on how to handle the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic without the need of a bubble, which wouldn't be viable for the league that deals with so many players and personal anyway.

Just one player (Falcons CB A.J. Terrell) missed a game because of a positive COVID-19 test.

However in a span of of just six days the situation has gone from a walk in the park, too all hands on deck really fast.

It all started Monday when several Tennessee Titans players and coaches tested positive following their game with the Minnesota Vikings last Sunday.

The positive results prompted both teams to shut down facilities til more was known, thankfully no Vikings players seemed to contract the virus and were able to get back to work after a short hiatus.

The Titans on the other hand, are now in a full blown outbreak involving 18 members of the organization, their game Sunday against the Pittsburgh Steelers has already been moved causing schedule complications for both teams and the Baltimore Ravens, who had to have their game with the Steelers moved to accommodate the rescheduling.

Positive tests for the Titans have been announced as recent as this morning, raising questions about whether they will even be able to play their game next week against the Buffalo Bills as scheduled.

As that situation snowballs, the league got more bad news on Saturday morning when New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton tested positive for the virus.

Originally the Patriots matchup with the Kansas City Chiefs was too be played without Newton, which is still bad for the league to have one of the best stories of the season and a teams starting quarterback out because of a positive test in a marquee matchup.

However, reports of positive tests on BOTH the Patriots and Chiefs have led to the league hoping to reschedule the game for Monday or Tuesday which seems like a pipe dream unfortunately.

The leagues bad to worse scenario only looks more bleak now after positive COVID tests have gone up around the country, most notably with an outbreak among lawmakers in Washington including the President of the United States.

It certainly doesn't bode well for all of us that just want our sports back and not be bothered by the hell hole that is the year 2020.

If there is one silver lining it's that MLB had a similar situation at the start of their season where multiple teams missed days and weeks of action while dealing with outbreaks.

At the time it seemed certain that their season was gonna be cancelled and there was even reports the commissioners office told TV networks to plan on broadcasting something other than baseball games.

Baseball turned it around and was able to complete their regular season and is now about to enter the bubble portion of their playoffs.

However, Baseball's outbreak happened in the middle of the summer and when cases around the country were on the decline.

The NFL will attempt to defeat it's outbreak while temperatures drop across the country, predominantly in northern cities where players and personal are more likely to get sick.

It gets even more complex when you consider the amount people on the sideline for an NFL contest.

The current influx of positive tests has left a downer on Week 4 of NFL action as the Titans-Steelers and Patriots-Chiefs game were two of the leagues most marketable matchups on Sunday.

Not too mention the possible ramifications of seeding if teams are forced to play big in conference and in division without their best players or starting quarterbacks because of positive tests. That may in turn delegitimize the leagues eventual Super Bowl champion, something no one wants.

Here's hoping this is a blip on the radar and that 2020 doesn't possibly get any worse.