Nets' Joe Harris shocks Warriors' Stephen Curry for 3-point title

Ok, who in the heck is Joe Harris? Who ever he is he has just defeated the best three point shooters in the NBA including Derk, and Seth Curry and the big one Seth Curry's brother Stephen Curry from the Warriors, Joe Harris on the season was shooting 50% from three point line for the season and that in it's self is amazing. Iam a Net fan even i never heard of this man but for some reason he was eligible to compete at the all star game and win the three point challenge in all star weekend.

Ilove and under dog like every won else would and this by far is a true rocky in arena of giants of the NBA. A true David and go-lief story in the shadow of greatness of the Nation Basketball Association . Most of all it is nice to see that the man on the end of the bench or even the middle of the bench can challenge even the Gods of the Nba for a prize tittle like three point champion.

This victory can open alot of people's eyes in the NBA on who Joe Harris is as a player and open up endorsement to a player that is not really know threw out the NBA. And it could peak teams interest if the Nets ain't careful with this player.

I believe with this win over the Fame flame thrower like Stephen Curry The Nets should play it smart and give this man some more playing time and see what they got instead of using this victory as some kind of trade bate for other players they might want.

To shoot 50% from the three point line is insane in its self and since Joe Harris thrives in unbelievable environment like the three point contest it would be a smart move to give Joe Harris a starting job and not come off the bench ever again. Considering the team Harris is on and it's past on getting bust players this player can be homed into an all star one day. Though this man is 27 years old it is not to late to shock the world with his play on the court.

Who knows he could be the next Reggie Miller or the next Stephen Curry but know one is going to know this unless this man is set in the for front and get a starting job. Its is hard to get a shoot that shoots 35% from the three point line much less 50% from the three point line this man needs a starting job so he can prove himself to get the big contract deal; I do not want to see this man play for the Knicks next year or a place like Boston Brooklyn Nets keep this player he is going to be good