Robert Craft the owner of the Patriot was caught paying for a prostitute

By Maine Blash
Feb. 22, 2019

Wow , Robert Craft the owner of the New England Patroits got busted for picking up a hooker . Violation of the NFL Conduct Policy .

He was caught paying for sex in a massage polar!!! Not even the celibates owner of the New England Patriot can mess up a little. They said that they had him on tape makes you think do this man have any time in private anywhere . Now what he did was wrong and iam sure his lawyers will get him off with just a fine.

Privacy is not what it used to be i tell you!!!! What is the purpose of having all that money if you cannot mess up once in a while. It also tells you most people of fame is under a serous microscope in this country and it have you thinking is privacy in this country gone where no one is immune. Fist the stars and now the owners in sport's. You work all your life to get where you are at and you still have people hovering over you telling you what to do in life . People that make alot less and have no where near you popularity. So much for America being a free country.

I say this not because i approve of what Mr Craft did he did brake the law and he should pay the price for braking the law But why slat his face all over espn and sport center i my thoughts that is crazy.

This happened in Florida and i do not approve of plastering this man's face all over creation because he made one mistake in his life. The news covering this rivals the shooting John F Kennedy ever person in America will know and that can cause more then a 500,000 dollar fine. His team could lose endorsement destroy business plans he might have set up for the team in the future. Have free agent decide not to go there because of the trouble and spot light . Today's media coverage of our super stars are unreasonably damaging for a civilization who promotes such action on tv and music video's . And then turn around and say this or that is against the law. If it is against the law stop promoting it on tv and as well as movies and music video's. This whole country is a bunch of Hippocratic being brain wash to think this is the thing to do in entertainment and turn around and have the shock factor when one if not many in this country do it. Why slat this man face all over the United States when it's the united states that promote to all these people it is a good thing to do. It's a cool thing to do and the in thing to do and turn and say it is against the law. Should not law enforcement shut down any Movie or music video that have nudity in it?Should'nt law enforcemnt go after ever porn site on the web? Does this not lead to what Mr Kraft have done in the first place. Why kill a tree from the branches when you can kill a tree from it's root