MLB Dynasty Team

Dec. 19, 2016

The ultimate goal in every sport is to win and win a lot. Forming a team that perfectly mixes young talent with veteran maturity and leadership is the recipe for success long term. In my opinion, I think creating dynasties in baseball is easier than any other sport just because of the sheer number of players in a single organization. MLB teams can utilize multiple levels of minor league play to help prepare a young athlete for The Bigs. I feel like this is stark contrast from the NFL and NBA where a young star is expected to come in and make a difference immediately. Teams like the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs have all of the makings of a dynasty and should be successful for many years to come. Using the blueprint laid out by the Cubs, I’m going to pick the ultimate “fantasy” team taking into account age, leadership ability, and overall talent in an effort to create the best MLB Dynasty Team. Every day I will reveal a new position and which player I’m picking for that position. I will analyze and explain why I chose that player to be a part of my team. Stay tuned for daily updates!

-Tyler Brogan