Scouting Report & Grades : Cornerbacks

By ReubenMoslehi
Feb. 10, 2017

Sidney Jones 6'0'' 180 lbs Washington

Before I go over a list of CBs, I want to make it clear what I covet in a CB.  First and foremost a corner needs to be an elite athlete to have the highest possible ceiling.  A player can be very sound at the position and have great production, but if they are an average athlete then their value drops.  The next aspect I look at is cover ability in man to man press, off man and zone.  The more coverages you show me you can execute the better you will be graded.  A very important aspect to me, and every year its proven with the draft, is a corners ability to help with the run. I know some people believe corners just need to be cover men. But I'm in the belief that if you do that, your weakening the overall physicality and big play prevention potential of the defense.  In Belichicks own words he said if you draft corners who can't tackle then you are just making life tougher with stopping  offenses. In a player specific case where this was obvious was with Justin Gilbert.  I know I don't have a report on him anywhere, but I did not like him coming out. Not that I didn't like what he brought to the table, just no where near the top ten. He did not show me natural football awareness and he had plans for tackling.  You will see this aspect of scouting really effect some of my reports on players.

Pros - Sidney Jones has a high football IQ, this is apparent when he lines up from bunch formations and from play to play. He shows great formation and route recognition.  He has nice length just based on appearance.  I need to wait for the combine to get accurate measurements.  He can play man off and man press.  He is natural when it comes to moving his hips and sticking with his receiver.  He is okay at tackling, but doesn't show an alpha dog in him.  He also has soft hands like many of the corners in this draft and will pluck a ball when given the opportunity.

Cons - Based on the eye ball test Jones looks as though he could use some time in the weight room.  I question if he will struggle against more physical receivers.  Against Juju he sometimes seemed easy to move around at the mesh point of the CB and WR.  My main issue with Jones is not one of intelligence or dedication, but of pure ability.  I don't see Jones testing as an elite athlete at the combine, and with the way receivers are built now it makes it tough to project him as a first round pick for me.

Overall Mid 1st - I like how Jones plays cornerback.  I believe he will pick up on schemes  and assignments quickly in the NFL.  The only area I have pause is how well his body type and athleticism will acclimate in the pros.  I believe his ceiling is a lower tier #1 corner if not a solid #2.  And that's pretty good value for a late round first to mid round second. *Jones proved me wrong through the combine. Ran much better than I thought, was pretty average or below at everything else, but long speed was my main question mark, and he ran a 4.48 at a weight of 187.  He also looked pretty smooth and fluent in skill position drills.

Jalen Tabor 6'0" 200 lbs Florida

Pros - Jalen Tabor is a top notch cover man, and is sound in his technique. He doesn't waste his steps in back pedals and in his reaction steps. He can shadow smoothly in man press, back pedal and react in off man and shows good awareness WHEN he plays zone.  He has natural hands and is reliable to snag a pass if he gets his hands on the pass.  He shows dog in him when playing the ball with a receiver, he'll play through his man.  He has a solid frame at 200lbs, one I wish Jones had, and I believe from watching tape should end up testing as at least an above average corner athletically.  If he can run in the low 4.4s and surpise in the shuttle and 3 cone drills he has a good chance to move up for me.

Cons - The negatives  on Tabor aren't what he can't do, as they are more what he hasn't shown me he can do.  He is an aggressive corner, but I would like to have seen him play more jump  balls and have to go up with big body receivers that could threaten him.  Since he played in a ferocious defense no one really had the chance to challenge him, and with my tape limitations I didn't really get to see this.  Tabor could use some work in technique as he tends to bail quite hard  in longer down and distances and this leaves him susceptible to getting stemmed on inside breaking routes.  My other knock is his physicality.  Now he is more physical than his teammate Wilson, but not by a large margin. Tabor doesn't show much of an effort in supporting the run. This is going to be an ongoing theme with a lot of the top corners, as most are great athletes and play makers but most don't want to tackle running backs.

Overall, 3rd round - I love Tabors build and movement.  I love his mentality when in covering receivers, and he's a pure athlete and playmaker with his natural football instincts.  He does need to improve a bit in off coverage, and I would like to see him one on one in jump ball situations, but I do feel he would test well there.  I believe he will take to coaching in technique and covering, my main worry comes with his willingness to tackle.  Since he is great in coverage, has an NFL build already, has production and is natural at the position I believe he is a day 1 starter. He has a ceiling of a number 1 corner.  Just become an consistent ankle biter at least and the cover ability will make up for the rest. * Tabor was the biggest disappointment to me at the combine.  You can't be running a 4.63 and 4.68 and be a top corner, that is very pedestrian.  He also didn't test well at all in explosive drills, and I'm guessing he opted out of the 3 cone drill for a good reason.  I already had questions about his long speed, his jump ball ability and quick twitch. He left me feeling more worried.

Quincy Wilson 6'1" 215 lbs Florida

Pros - Quincy Wilson has the perfect size and physical tools to become a #1 lockdown corner.  He has the fluidity in his hips you covet in a corner and the playmaking ability to make an offense pay for attacking him. Wilson has smooth hips and can blanket a receiver in press man coverage.  He has quick feet and great speed to break on in breaking routes in off man coverage. And just like his teammate he shows great trust in his eyes and natural awareness WHEN he was asked to play cover 2.  Wilson is the prototype cover  man NFL teams are looking for in todays  game.

Cons - There really is only one negative to Wilson's game, albeit a huge one.  He seems to not want to tackle one bit.  He leaves his feet and likes to throw his body into his tackles, and not in the Polamalu way. He throws his side and back into tackles, it seems as though hes almost scared to shoulder first, and at his size that really worries me. I have to question his love and passion, plus he turns a defense into an 10 man squad against the run. I've seen him miss and not even attempt easy tackles  on tape numerous times.

Overall  Late 1st - Quincy Wilson is one of the best natural athletes of the corners in this class and I expect him to test well.  He has the best physical tools of anyone in this draft and shows elite cover ability.  His propensity to shy away from contact really scares me though and holds him back from being my #1 corner. If he could be a even an average tackler he would be my #1. He has the ceiling of a true #1 lockdown corner, but he also could have a little Justin Gilbert in him, even though I like Wilsons pure cover ability much more than Gilberts. I believe teams like the Patriots, Packers, Steelers and Ravens wouldn't take him high if they had the chance because they are teams that are successful finding good athletes who can tackle and these teams like good tacklers.  It's a shame because Wilson has the build of a strong safety and can cover like a 5'10" 190lb Corner. * Wilson didn't test AS well as I thought he would. At his size he tested pretty well, but I don't make his weight the exception. Along with his disinterest in tackling, he falls down my board.

Tre'Davious White 5'11" 190 lbs LSU

Pros - I absolutely love White.  He has nice length, I believe he'll test close to an elite athlete, he's physical and he wears #18, an prestigious and honorable number to be given at LSU.   White is strong in man press as he shows the quick hips to turn and run with receivers and then the route recognition to stick with them deep down the field. Along with man coverage ability, I absolutely love white in zone coverage.  He shuts down any screens and executes cover 2 flawlessly. He passes receivers to the inside like hes playing man and peels of quick to take anything going to the flat. Quarterbacks have to be scared throwing to his side, because you think you have an easy checkdown until he has the ball in his hands and he's sprinting into the endzone.  White is a solid tackler but he's not going to lay the wood.  I'm okay with this though as he at least shows the will to tackle running backs.  Downfield White also play the ball very nicely and looks back to it soon enough to give himself time to adjust to the ball.  His technique is pretty sound and he's like a technician with his footwork.  He has elite quick twitch reaction time that make him a 1st round pick, and at a level some other names don't have.  He is going to go to team with pro ready technique, it also doesn't hurt he's coming out of DB university.

Cons - Whites negatives are more nit picky than real holes in his game.  He doesn't possess elite size, even though 5'11 isn't bad at all.  He got injured the senior bowl so we'll have to see how that goes, and if he doesn't test that well in Indy he could drop in my rankings.  He also isn't an alpha male presence when supporting the run, but again, he still takes down running backs by wrapping up their legs and that's all you need. 

Overall Mid 20s - I love White and believe he is pro ready as it gets.  He has great character, great technique and nice physical tools. He is going to be a hard worker and great teammate from day 1.  Used in a scheme suited to his strengths and he can become a playmaking nightmare.  Put him in any scheme and I think he'd be solid day 1 because of his competitiveness and confidence.  He might not go top 15, but there's no way he  should go in the 2nd round unless he has an average or worse combine.  *White falls down my board a little bit, but not much since I still love his tape.  He backed up his speed running a 4.47, but left me wanting more with his explosive and short area numbers.  In drills alone he looked super smooth and quick.  His vertical and, broad jump and 3 cone numbers drop him because with those numbers being average his ceiling just isn't as high.

Marlon Humphrey 6'1" 200 lbs Alabama

Pros - Marlon Humphrey has speed, and I believe he should run in the low 4.4s.  He has pretty good technique in press coverage and zone.  He jams receivers physically at the line and has great eyes and awareness to play the ball in zone.  He has soft hands and will pluck a ball easily if it comes his way.  When it comes to hitting he is an alpha dog hitting receivers,  he makes receivers think about him coming down on quick screens.  Overall I like his mentality, as he fights blockers hard.

Cons -  Like some of the top corners Humphrey has one main flaw in his game.  His ball playing ability down the field is where he can struggle.  He doesn't play the ball great when he has to really run downfield. He can run with a receiver pretty easily, but for some reason from a technique stand point he can get lost when going 30+ yards downfield.  I believe a good secondary coach can help him with this greatly in year 1.  Against Auburn he went against a speedster and when he was beat off the ball the receiver blew by him, but the QB couldn't hit the receiver.  Since he played at Alabama his front seven took away most of his chances to show me he could play the run, and when I did see him have chances he didn't seem very happy to do so. That's the only physical thing about Marlon that gives me any pause about his game.

Overall 1st Mid 20s - early 2nd - I really like Humphreys game.  I love his measurables and ability to play in zone and man. He has that dog when hitting receivers in front of him.  He is very natural in cover 2 and press man coverage. He has the length and speed NFL teams want in a #1 corner and that's where I think his ceiling is, a mid tier #1 corner.  He just has to work on his downfield playing the ball ability and show a consistent effort tackling in the run game. *Humphrey stays right here as he showed me his nice long speed and his ability to turn and run. To me, he still looked a bit like a track star playing corner out in positional drills, but his physicality on tape keeps him here.

Adoree Jackson 5'11" 185 lbs USC

Pros - Adoree Jackson should test as an elite athlete.  He is very raw at the position, but has some very nice tools to work with.  He has pretty good size to go along with elite long speed and foot quickness. He has soft hands for catching the ball and is natural when running in space.  Adoree shows elite quickness in his feet and doesn't waste a step changing direction.  Adoree also has return skills strong enough to be your main returner day 1.

Cons - Jackson is an elite ATHLETE, but he is very raw at the position and it shows.  Adoree can use a lot of coaching in his foot work. As quick as his feet are, his technique can get him into trouble as he sometimes crosses his feet when flipping hips or backpedaling.  As we all know crossing your feet close at any position in football is a no no.  For all the speed Adoree has, he is too easy to stem as he goes into bail technique too soon, which is when a CB flips their hips to the outside to run deep with a receiver.  So even with his speed, he plays receivers to often as though they're going deep and leaves himself open to getting burned inside.  jackson also shows an overall lack of physicality and part of that is due to his smaller frame.

Overall - 2nd - Jackson has a multitude of elite tools to work with. Problem is he is at least a one year project that should see too much time on the field beside special teams.  If developed properly he can become a nice #2 corner that bumps into the slot or just a solid slot corner, and at the end of the day he can be a dangerous return man. * Adoree showed off some nice 4.42 speed along with a smooth back pedal  and turn. At 5'10'' he also has solid length and had above average vertical and broad jumps.  He still looked a little green doing agility drills, but overall showed superstar corner traits.

Desmond King 5'11" 200 lbs Iowa

Pros - King will be a player in the NFL, I can guarantee that.  Desmond has a very solid frame and build.  He is a smooth athlete and can play man coverage and zone.  In man to man he has the foot quickness and hips to turn, run and shadow receivers.  Where I love King the most is in zone coverage.  He has very good situational awareness, as in route recognition and what an opponent is going to run based on down and distance.  He has soft hands and can go and get the ball like a wide receiver.  Overall King is just a very solid football player and there isn't much of a doubt he will be a player.

Cons - Kings cons are more of physical ability as to his actual play.  I really question Kings long speed, not his agility and short area quickness, but his ability to stick downfield with a faster wideout.  King also isn't all that great with run support, even though he does provide flashes with his aggressiveness that it shouldn't be a problem too far into this career.  King also doesn't seem to be a long athlete, so press coverage might be a bit more tough for him in the pros.

Overall Late, late 1st - Mid 2nd - When scouting you have to ask yourself what is required of this position? Can this player do those things and to an elite level? In Kings case I believe he can do all things Cbs need to do, but one of the most valuable things from a corner is covering deep down field and this is where I think King will struggle, if asked to do it in the NFL. This is what takes him down my board a little bit. I think King best fits a tampa 2  defense, and I see his ceiling as a #2 corner that bumps to the nickel.  A good coordinator will use his elite corner instincts to erase the short to intermediate routes on one side of a field, and that ability is still quite valuable. * No, King didn't run the 40, but boy did he tear up the combine every where else. He looked at home running the gauntlet and doing skill position drills. He looked quick and smooth in agility drills and had a 6.67 3 cone.  He also tested solid in his vertical and broad jump.  Combine that with his awareness and I can't move him. A team is getting a playmaker in this kid.

Gareon Conley 6'1" 195 lbs OSU

Pros - I think Conley is the best pure press man cover corner in this draft.  Think Eli Apple but a step better. Conley has ideal NFL length, size and speed.  He is a very smooth athlete as flipping his hips is second nature and his footwork is impeccable.  He has #1 corner speed to play on an island and stick with speedy receivers.  His ability to work back to the ball is elite and really helps him play all types of receivers.  Against speedsters it helps because he looks to the ball a lot of times right when the receiver does so it gives him time to adjust.  He isn't overly handsy at all so he will just need to learn subtleties of using his hands downfield. Conley isn't super physical, but he is a willing tackler and fights blocks hard.  He also faced solid competition and really held his own or dominated. Against Mike Williams he really held his own.  Williams made plays, but Conley also took away opportunities.

Cons - Being able to man up and run man to man with a receiver is the most coveted in an NFL corner.  That is Conley's strength and that is why I have him where I do, what he needs to show is can he play off man and zone, something he rarely did at OSU.  Other than that, he could be a bit more physical, but I highly doubt he won't get better at different cover techniques and tackling.

Overall 1st 10-15 - Conley is my favourite man to man corner. He just needs to show his agility an reaction time in off coverage, and his awareness and route recognition in zone.  He can show some of this at the combine but a team will have to project part of this to his growth in the NFL.  With Conley's physical tools I don't see why he won't be successful. * Conley reinforced what I really  like about him with his combine performance. He is my CB2.

Marshon Lattimore 6'1" 190 lbs OSU

Pros - Lattimore is a lot like his teammate Conley.  He is an elite athlete that excels at rerouting receivers off the line of scrimmage and using his athleticism to make plays on the ball.  Besides injuries, Lattimore is my #1 corner because his game along with his tools are so well rounded and elite.  Lattimore has the quickest hip flip next to Conley and is just such a smooth natural corner.  He is physical with receivers and he brings the heat when tackling in the run game.  He has great hands and plays the ball well, Lattimore, just like Conley, looks back for the ball extremely well.  There's a patience to Lattimore that I love, he isn't quick to open his hips or use bail technique, he really trusts his technique and that shows me has great confidence, and it's imperative for corners to have great confidence.

Cons - I'll keep this short. Lattimore can get a little handsy downfield and this can hurt him a little, but this is one of the most coachable techniques for corners.  His injury history is a red flag and he'll need to clear medically  to stay as my #1 corner.  Same as Conley, can Lattimore play off man and zone? Based on his tools and how smooth he is though, I don't see why he can't learn this quickly.

Overall Top 10 - Lattimore is elite in the two most important phases for a corner to me.  Man to man press coverage, and tackling ability.  You don't need to question his mentality, and you can leave him on an island. If he clears medically look for a solid 6-8 years of high level of play in NFL from Lattimore as a #1 corner. * I know Lattimore has an injury history and he in fact got hurt at the combine, but he is just so good on tape, combined with 4.37 speed at his size and he has to stay my CB1.

Cordrea Tankersly 6'1" 195 lbs Clemson

Pros - Ideal NFL size. Good athlete, very smooth. Should test as one of the better corners for his size.  Good press man corner. Looks back to the ball decently and plays the ball well to.  Fights blocks well.

Cons - Lacks physicality, just about as bad if not possibly worse than Wilson.  Can get handsy so he'll have to learn better use of his hands.

Overall Mid 2nd - early 3rd - Tankersly honestly has nice cover corner traits and could become a mid tier #1 corner. But he will need to take to coaching and get a good coach to maximize his potential. His lack of physicality might hold him back from moving up a depth chart, but I could see him realistically becoming a solid #2 in year two of his career.

Cam Sutton 5'11'' 185 lbs Tennessee

Pros - Flashes playmaking ability. Smooth athlete. Nickel corner day 1.

Cons - Doesn't have ideal length or size in general for an outside corner.  Kind of soft, and inconsistent on tape in coverage.  Got whooped on a double move by Isiah Ford. Poor production.

Overall Round 3 - early day 3 - Cam Sutton is a nice athlete that will need to be coached up.  He can become a nice matchup piece on a defense as hes shown nice flashes of great coverage, or he can be drafted into a nickel corner spot day 1.  This is still valuable as everyone runs a lot of 3 wide sets.

Damontae Kazee 5'11'' 190 lbs San Diego State

Pros - Great production, 7 ints in 2016. Great tackler, alpha male type.  Elite quick twitch athlete.  Gets around blocks with quickness, flies at RBs with reckless abandon with good tackling form.  Quick in zone coverage and man to man.

Cons - Didn't play high competition.  Can he play man to man against a bigger receiver?  Long speed?

Overall 4th round - I love Damontae Kazee and what he brings.  I think his confidence and aggressiveness will really help him acclimate to the NFL.  I would like to see his measurables and combine numbers to really gauge where he could play. If he comes in smaller and doesn't test out that fast then I could see him being a slot corner day 1. Any D coordinator who puts players in the right spot  to succeed should be dying for Kazee.  I can see him going in the 3rd if a team loves him, or falling to the 5th based on his combine numbers. * Kazee had an average 4.54 40, but he still looked quick in agility drills and barely wasted any steps.  He made the gauntlet look easy proving he is a playmaker. Day 1 starter at nickel, stock stays the same.

Corn Elder 5'10'' 180 lbs Miami

Pros - Has everything you want in a corner except size.  Has elite speed, awareness, feet quickness, ball skills, confidence, man to man coverage and tackling ability.  Keeps head turned to ball downfield.  Has the alpha dog play style. Good punt and kick off cover man. Takes on blockers well, set edge against Florida State by taking on their left tackle... enough said.

Cons - Lacks ideal size for position, will he be consistently out muscled by bigger receivers?

Overall 3rd/4th - I love Corn Elders  game more than most of the media does.  I love extreme confidence and toughness in a corner.  That is why I was head over heels for Jason Verett when he was coming out. He lacked ideal size but he played like he was a 6'2'' safety.  I think Elder can become a playmaking #2 that you don't matchup on the other teams #1 big body receiver, unless Elder develops the ability to play those receivers.  If he can't become that then he will be a terror in the slot with his awareness and short area quickness. I like him as a mid 2nd to 3rd rounder, but I could see his size dropping him to the 4th.  I have no clue why people have him in the 5th. * Corn Elder ran a 4.55 40, and then didn't compete in the rest of the drills. I think he performed hurt because he plays SO MUCH faster on film.  It still makes me question where he is in every other aspect athletically. Day 1 slot starter.

Jamar Summers 6'0'' 190 lbs Uconn

Pros - Smooth athlete, and good hands.  Press man and off man corner.  Good size and frame to work with.

Cons - How fast will he run at combine? Can lose track of receiver deep downfield when pressing. Needs decent amount technique work.

Overall 4th round - Jamar Summers has nice tools to work with and he will need some development. I could see him being a solid #2 corner down the road if not a nickel CB.  Summers can move up into the third with some nice agility and vertical jump numbers.

Ahkello Witherspoon 6'3'' 195 lbs Colorado

Pros - Elite height and speed.  Good hip flip to turn and run.  Uses size well in redzone.  Incredible length and decent production.  Looks for the ball when it's up in the air and has solid ball skills.  Gives you a turn and run cover 3 corner right away.

Cons - Needs coaching for his footwork.  Raw at the position.  Can be killed underneath by sharp route runners. Not a willing tackler against the run. Slight Frame. Cover 2? Off man?

Overall Mid-late 2nd - Witherspoon is a classic Seahawks pick.  Great length, speed and ball skills. But he is somewhat of a project.  Based on his skill set I believe he would be best in a cover 3 while he learns the nuances of man coverage.  Depending on how he tests at the combine he can rise to a 3rd or even low 2nd, or drop to a 5/6. * Witherspoon turned some heads in Indy.  He had the combine workout I hoped he would, and much more. He ran a bit better than I thought he would at 4.45, but then also went on to jump 40.5" and broad jump 10'7'' at 6'3''.  That's impressive. His 3 cone isn't impressive, but you can't expect that in a 6'3'' corner.

Rasul Douglas 6'2'' 205 lbs West Virginia

Pros - Perfect NFL size for corner with his height and length.  Almost strictly a man press corner. Solid production.  Tough physical corner.

Cons - Limited athlete in all aspects. I assume he will struggle with shiftier receivers.  Long speed? Agility?  Will need to be redshirted first year.

Overall 5th - I like what Rasul is good at but that is practically all he gives you while not being a great athlete, at least thats what I felt like I saw on tape.  He is a solid pickup though if you're looking for young depth in a physical man to man scheme. He will need help over the top due to long speed questions, even in year 4 of his career. A good combine will put him in the 3rd round range where a bad combine could solidify him as an solid day 3 project. * Douglas had the combine performance I was thinking he would. He had a pedestrian 40, as he doesn't show much speed on tape, and was average in his explosion drills, and stunk in the 3 cone. His tape is still solid though.

Jeremy Cutrer 6'2'' 170 lbs Middle Tennessee State

Pros - NFL length and height.  Elite quick twitch athlete.  Great ball skills. Alpha male play style.  Against Alabama he dominated, he smacked receivers and took down running backs without hesitation. For comparison sake, Cutre weighs 170, Alabama's running back weighs about 240. Great eyes in zone, he moves extremely well while keeping his eyes on the QB. Feels receivers around himself really well. Smooth in off man coverage.

Cons - Cutrer has an extremely slight frame that he will need to get to at least 190 lbs. Can he translate to the NFL? Game against Alabama says yes. Needs a solid year working in the weight room.

Overall 4th - Get him in the weight room and give him extra one on one coaching year 1 and in year 2 I think you have a guy who can really compete for a starting corner spot.  Cutrer is my hidden jem of the draft.

Chidobe Awuzie 6'0'' 205 lbs Colorado

Pros - versatile, line him up at outside corner, slot and even safety.  Good build, and should test above average at combine.  Decently smooth athlete. Willing tacker.

Cons-  Around the ball a lot but only 1 int in 2016, lots of PBUs though.  Not polished at any specific position. 

Overall 2nd - Whoever drafts Awuzie is getting a solid addition to their secondary.  Before they select him though they should have plans for where they want him to play. I think he translates into the NFL as a #2 corner that bumps to the slot in nickel sets. Better than expected numbers, say a fast 40 time could vault him up along a with a solid standing long jump. * Awuzie shows versatility on tape, and proved in Indy he has some very nice traits to work with.  He proved he has nice speed with a 4.43 40, and he had nice explosive numbers. Now a team just needs to develop him a bit and he could become a really nice player. One of my concerns was his top end speed, he put that to rest.

Brad Watson 6'0'' 200 lbs Wake Forest

Pros - Smooth athlete, sticks with receivers well at stem.  Good solid build. Played well against FSU, TD allowed was a brilliant catch. Great off man corner.

Cons - Can play soft on receivers and in the run game. One trick pony, can he play press man and zone?  How fast will he run? It was hard to gauge his speed.

Overall 5th round - Another pick your flavor type prospect.  He's another solid athlete that you can hopefully mold into a solid  all cover man.  Right away though he'd  be a cover 3 and off man corner. Possibly cover 2 if you can teach him year one.  I like him as a future slot corner.

The others:

Dwyane Thomas 6'0'' 200 lbs LSU - In the box nickel corner. Tough, used for blitzing and covering the flat.  Projection to NFL pretty big but can carve out a nice niche playing special teams and as a dime corner. 6-7th round.

Channing Stribling 6'2'' 175 lbs Michigan - Height and length corner. Good production.Very average athlete, won't test well more likely. Better college player than he'll be in NFL.  Practice squad project. 6th round.

Kevin King 6'3'' 190 lbs Washington - Another height and length prospect. Poor athlete, as long speed is a major concern.  He could add weight and make move to strong safety as he is a willing tackler against the run. 5-6th round. This is all totally wrong. After the combine Kevin King made me rewatch him. I have no clue what I was thinking. Kevin King is a fearless, long, unpolished playmaking cornerback. His 4.43 40 totally surprised me and his 6.56 3 cone should be impossible for a man his height.  After rewatching his tape I see a player with immense upside. He could become a better player than Sidney Jones, but right now he is the more raw prospect. New grade, 2nd round.

Jourdan Lewis 5'10'' 185 lbs Michigan - Lost my notes on Lewis but I love his game a lot.  Great awareness in cover 2. Feisty in man to man.  Willing tackler. BALL HAWK. Made some nasty interceptions. Great short area quickness, and looks back to the ball nicely.  Long speed and question and size overall bumps him down. Solid 2nd round pick to me.

Fabian Moreau 6'0'' 200 lbs UCLA - There isn't much tape for me to watch on him, but his combine really made me pay attention. He has one game on film I could see, but with his size running a 4.35 40, jumping 39" and being able to play man press very physically, that makes him a first round prospect for me. Grade, late 1st.

Brian Allen 6'3'' 215 lbs Utah - Anyone know where I can get tape of this guy? Crazy combine numbers, I want to see if they translate. 34" arms, 4.48 40 speed, 34.5" vert and 6.68 3 cone. The numbers I wanted to see from Quincy Wilson. Right now he gets a 4th round grade since I haven't seen him play a down.

Overall I love this draft class and have 9 corners in the first 2 round with at least 3 that could move into the 2nd with good combines and pro days.  This is definitely the draft of flavors in which case it doesn't matter what defense you run you can find a guy early in this draft that will fit your team.