The Blue Jackets clinch a playoff spot.

Good Morning Everybody, It's a excellent day if you are a Columbus Blue Jackets fan. They are in the playoffs as a result of 4-1 victory over the New Jersey Devils on Sunday.

The Scoring for the Blue Jackets got started right away.


Lukas SEDLAK had an unassisted goal in the 1st period.


Bonner Jenner had a goal in the 1st with assists from Jack Johnson and David SAVARK


Brandon Dubinsky had an unassisted goal in the 2nd.


Bonne Jenner ended the scoring for the Jackets with an unassisted goal in the 3rd.

John E. Sokolowski-USA TODAY Sports

Blue Jackets Coach John TORTORELLA was happy about getting his team into the Playoffs. But he did say we still have a lot to do. TORTORELLA did talk to reporters afterwards and said " We in the playoffs, the work started when the season started. We still have work to do and I hope we can really make some noise the rest of the way. And we are in a battle for the Metropolitan Division. and I hope we can clinch the Division and really hope for our fans. And I hope the rest of the League is taking notice that the Blue Jackets are for real. 

The Blue Jackets are for real. Here's my take The Columbus Blue Jackets have gone from the Laughing stock of the NHL to a power house team. Look at their coach John TORTOTRELLA he has brought the team back form the Brink. The Blue Jackets are back in the playoffs. And they can still clinch The Metropolitan Division


Look at the Division standings.


Washington Capitals 100 points


Columbus Blue Jackets 100 points


Pittsburgh Penguins 99 points.


I will say this now. The Blue Jackets can Clinch the Metropolitan Division. But the Blue Jackets are in the playoffs and many of the players are saying we're going to take this one game at a time and whatever happens that's our fate.


The Blue Jackets next game is against the Toronto Maple Leafs.

And folks if the Playoffs were to begin today. The First Round matchup would be a dandy. The Blue Jackets would face the Pittsburgh Penguins in the First Round. The Blue Jackets have a {2-1-0} record against the Penguins. The Pittsburgh Penguins are the Defending Stanley Cup Champions. And would it be something if the Columbus Blue Jackets would knock out the defenders.


However I am going to say this now. If we survive the Penguins we could have a possible Matchup against the New York Rangers or the Washington Capitals and both teams are in our Division. This could come down to who wants it the most. 


Will the Blue Jackets make A lot of noise in the playoffs, we will see what happens going forward.