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Seahawks Player Richard Sherman declined to take questions.

By cimardura
Sep. 22, 2016

Hi everybody. Seattle Seahawks Cornerback Richard Sherman declined to take questions yesterday at his press conference. Instead he decided to share his thoughts on Athletes and social change in America.

Sherman said yesterday at his press conference, " I'm not going to answer any questions today, and it's no offense to you guys, but I think the state of things in the world today is very interesting." Sherman also added, " I think you have players that are trying to take a stand and trying to be aware of social issues and try to make a stand and increase people's awareness and put a spotlight on it." Sherman basically is talking about 2 more police shootings that took the lives of 2 Black Men. Keith Lamar Scott was shot in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday and 5 days ago 40-year-old Terence CRUTCHEN was fatally shot in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sherman also did add that " It's getting to be a rough world out there and it's sad all around no matter how you look at it." Sherman also did say, " I do a lot of community service, I go out there and try to be better and to aspire to more. And when you tell a kid, when you're dealing with the police just put your hands up and comply with everything they tell you." 


Sherman also did talk about Colin KAPERNICK. Sherman did say about his protests to the National Anthem, " His protest is coming from a good place." He also did add however " you can't stand against the flag." Last Sunday before the Seahawks game against the LA Rams the Seahawks Players showed unity as they all stood for the National Anthem and locked arms in the process.

Here's my take, this is the kind of unity we need in America right now. We have had at least 3 officer involved shootings in the last 10 days. Keith Lamar Scott in Charlotte, Terence CRUTCHEN in Tulsa And 13-year-old TYRE King in Columbus, Ohio. I live in Columbus I have watched the news of this shooting everyday and it's sad that we have kids getting shot and other people getting shot almost every other day. Look at the city of Chicago they have set a new record that the city doesn't want to brag about. They have a new record for the most Homicides in 20 years and that scare's the daylights out of me. Where are we at in society today. We watch the news and somebody is getting shot by the police. It's scary I admit it. This is what needs to happen, Parents need to Parents and tell their kids please don't do something stupid and get shot I want you to come home. How can we be better role models, It starts at home with Mom and Dad or at least a older sibling who is a great example to the younger children. Teach you kids some RESPECT and they will get it in return. In closing we need to tell our children RESPECT others and you will be a better person for it. Don't go out and get yourself in a street gang because you will can't get out. So Mom or Dad take you kids and have them do something constructive and show them there are positive things to do in the community and you never know they might become a Role Model themselves for somebody. Please let our Nation heel from what has happened and let's end the Gun Violence in our cities and let's become a example to our children and let's be role models for the children of our cities.