Dear LeBron

Dear LeBron,

I just wanted to say how much I appreciate your career. You are an incredible athlete and an amazing basketball player. I sit here listening to the reporters say this and that about your career and everyone trying to compare you to MJ. Im guilty of doing that as well. Thinking about it though, why does it matter? and if it does, they are basically saying you are the second greatest ever next to him, I'd take that. Plus, your career isn't over and they've been having this debate for at least five years.I love watching you play the game.

 I've never seen a player that could play all five positions and play them at an elite level. Michael Jordan couldn't have done that, Kareem couldn't have done that, Kobe couldn't and so on and I guarantee you none of the people in the media could either. You have 3 NBA finals rings. That's incredible! Everything else is just a cherry on top at this point. 

I honestly think you could have averaged a triple-double a long time ago but you've never needed to. If you drove to the hoop every time, who knows how many points you would average per game, but you are a team player and don't need to do that. You prefer passing over shooting. Thats awesome, especially for someone like you, the star of all the  stars. 

Your first finals appearance was all you. You did all you could with what you had and you did it against one of the great organizations in sports. The second time around, yeah you probably should have beaten the the Maverick's but I still don't know if Wade was ever completely healthy when you were in Miami and Bosh was never the Bosh of Toronto. 

You go on to win two and lose another while you are in Miami. Kawhi Leonard played some amazing basketball in that next loss. He is now a top 3 player in the NBA. Again, nothing to be ashamed of. Jerry West only won one title and my favorite player ever, John Stockton never won any. As a fan of basketball, I don't think any differently of them. Both Hall of Fame players. Side note, I always laugh thinking about Draymond Green calling out Charles Barkley over championships...Barkley is a Hall-of-Famer and played on the dream team. Green couldn't carry water for the Dream Team. 

Everyone still talks about the decision and some people give you a hard time for it. I don't know if they realize that you have been to the finals every year since you said that. You take Cleveland to the Finals in your first year back with the team. You have one of the best, if not the best individual performance ever in a final and you do it all without Kyrie Irving and Kevin Love. The following year you deliver on your promise and bring the title to Cleveland! In the process you win your third finals MVP. One more than Kobe(Shaq was the MVP of all of their championship teams.) 

Personally you probably should have been the MVP of the league each of the last seven years. You are the unquestioned best player in the NBA and have been for a long time. This years finals is looking like another loss, again oh well. You are the man and you are going up against a team that is simply just a better team. No shame in that. I enjoy watching you play and I hope you continue to enjoy the game.


A Fan of the game

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