Thunder vs Jazz

The NBA playoffs have started. And, wouldn’t you know it many teams are extremely competive.

With such great playoff series even from the lower seeds, it’s as if a nitpicker would have to find a flaw. Well, I am that guy!

The current Jazz Thunder series is a greatly contested bout. However, it will not be remembered come next year. The Thunder have their big 3 which are performing ok in the playoffs so far. Russell Westbrook is commanding the team. PG13 is there for the ride and Carmelo is hoping for a ring. And, the Jazz have Donovan Mitchell the true ROTY, *opinion*, with some other minor key players who only Jazz fans know about, like Ricky Rubio and others.

This series started out with fire with the Thunder taking a lead in the series, than game 2 and its tied up. Know game 3 is going on and it is just awful BBall. The series is most likely gonna go to 6 or 7 games with the winner most likely losing to the Rockets in 5 games.

Watching the tape of the series can tell you, yeah they’re trying, but damn the turnovers are a plenty. Not to mention the defense is like an All-Star game this series needs to end sooner than later to protect the names of the players.

And remember this is only an opinion.