Wil Marcus Mariota's Draft Stock Drop?

By MikeHooper
Jan. 14, 2015

Marcus Mariota

Marcus Mariota failed to get the job done in the National Title game but will his draft stock drop? It is funny how the NFL works when it comes to the NFL Draft and the overall prospect list around the NFL. Mariota who took home the Heisman Trophy this season put together another brilliant game but the end result was a loss to a third string quarterback and the Ohio State Buckeyes.

On paper it is easy to give all the blame to Mariota who finished the day completing nearly 65 percent of his passes for 333 yards, two passing touchdowns and one interception. The first thing that might jump out at everyone is the interception but don’t let that cost him as that came late in the game with the Buckeyes holding onto a big lead.

The one stat that doesn’t show up in the stat sheet was the two costly drops the receivers committed. One of those looked to be a big play that could have not only got the Ducks going but also helped Mariota put together an even bigger stat sheet. This also makes us wonder how much did the team miss their number two receiver who was suspended for the game after failing a drug test.

Nonetheless Mariota should be one of the first two quarterbacks taken during the 2015 NFL Draft. If one game can hurt his draft stock or even Jameis Winston who also played bad in his teams final loss then we have this process all wrong.

For now we can all sit back and wait to see what team sends Roger Goodell to the podium to call on their future quarterback. On the flip side will we be hearing the name Cardale Jones called during the 2015 NFL Draft?