San Jose State vs. Boise State Sports Wagering Preview; Free College Football Pick

By offshoreinsiders
Nov. 04, 2016

This week’s football calendar includes a competition between San Jose State vs. Boise State. Boise State is laying 30 points up from an opener of 28. The total is 57.5, up a notch from the original 57. Sixty-eight percent of spread bets are on the big chalk with a stunning 82 percent on the over.

Pro handicapper and gambler Joe Duffy gives an investigation of the football betting match-up scrutinizing key numbers engaged by professional gamblers. The betting line on this game. In weighting against one team’s yards per rush on offense against the other, the more advance records favor Boise State by .6. As far as passing yards per completion on the offensive side of the ball, the digits point towards San Jose by 2.5. Employing yards per point, the more effective offense is San Jose State by 4.7.

Best bets tonight: We are 29-13 overall (excluding NHL), 19-7 in football off Primetime Game of the Year on Falcons in a laugher plus Ohio and UNDER. If you were nuts enough to jump off after a scarce bad NFL Sunday two weeks ago, how do you like us now? The winning begin in preseason and continues. Shoot in began with football season of 1988. We are 39-15 including NHL with many underdogs in MLB and NHL including NHL Dandy Dog of the Month last night on Calgary! Friday night football side and two NBA winners. On a 10-2 NHL run including Calgary +186 last night among many underdogs, we have two NHL Friday winners at

Defensively the most operative lineup based on yards per rush is Boise State by a stunning 1.6. The upper rated defense based on the provisions of passing yards per pass is also the Broncos by 2.5. The yards per point statistic used by the best sports handicappers says the superior defense is Boise forcing 5.0. Yards per play favors Boise on offense by 1.9 and defense by 1.7.

Yards per point is determined by diving total yards by number of points. Offensively a lower number is considered more efficient. On defense, a higher number is better.