Week 7 Quick Picks and Hit

There's a few statements games on the docket today. The Raiders at the Jaguars. If you subtract the game against the Chargers the Jags defense has been an impressive unit. Derek Carr, anointed by idiots, has struggled against top defenses. If the Raiders are a Playoff team the will own the Jaguars in today's game. We'll see what happens, but I have previously stated I think the Las Vegas Raiders are over rated.

Another statement game is for both the Seahawks and the Cardinals. Both teams need to win to prove their are the team to beat in their division. Arizona lost some close ones they probably shouldn't have and Seattle was one two close games they probably shouldn't have. These teams are closer than people think. Can the Seahawks slow David Johnson? Can the Cardinals throw against the Legion of Loud Mouths? We'll know by 7:30 tonight.

The Eagles a popular team through 3 weeks seem to have cooled down. Can they do anything against the Vikings defense? Some were saying after 3 weeks they were a good team. Let's see what today brings. Personally I think they are shit, but anyone can be wrong.

Teams I like to win

Rather thank pick games, I'm going to give 5 teams I like to win. The NFL is at the point of the season where looking at every game that happens makes me sad. The NFL's product is garbage stew, and Oscar The Grouch won't even eat it.

I like the Ravens over the Jets. As stated during the summer, the Jets aren't a good team. They're a bad team with some good pieces. I don't think their offense will move the ball against the Ravens. I also don't think their pass rush is enough to beat the Ravens. The Jets are bad at LB and secondary, not exactly ideal.

I like the Bills to beat the Dolphins. The Bills are going to harass Ryan Tannehill. The Dolphins offensive line is just a disappointment really. It sucks because Tannehill is playing really well, it just doesn't reflect yet.

Broncos over the Texans because I don't see them losing 3 in a row.

Bengals over the Browns because it's obvious.

49er over the Buccaneers because I'm a homer and believe in Kap.

Look Out For
Phillip Rivers against a bad Falcons secondary. Should be a Falcons win but a big game for the hall of famer.

How do the Cardinals play Russell Wilson? If they press outside and disrupt the timing routes of the Seahawks while containing RW to the pocket it would be a long night for him. Issue is not many teams have the discipline to do this because defenders get greedy and want abandon assignments. I'll be watching this closely.

Derek Carr check downs. Derek Carr has piled up a nice completion percentage. A shitty stat by checking the ball down a lot. If he simply takes what the defense gives him, the Raiders are losing.

Matt Stafford's play. He is arguably the best QB in the NFC so far in terms of play this year. It's him or Matt Ryan and it's not really close. Can he keep it up? Arm talent wise I don't think there's anyone better, but he's never put it all together. Stafford can sling it, but he's making more plays than ever before, he should beat the DC football team today.

Gambling Advice
Vikings cover the 3 points they're giving up on the road.

Colts cover and upset the Titans.

Lions vs DC Football team covers the over at 49.5

Thanks for reading, and remember never throw a slant pass on the 1.