Baylor Needs a Donald Trump Type of Football Coach


Jim Grobe is not a leader of men. When it gets to a point where your assistant coaches have the audacity to go to social media and lament for another coach, that's a huge problem because it's a reflection of a lack of leadership from the man who's in charge. Now, players do that kind of stuff all the time; however, not at the magnitude that Baylor Football players displayed in 2016. When players are bold enough to step up to to a coach and tell him that they want to wear black jerseys to protest the firing of a former coach, they're telling that coach that they don't respect him as a coach. In sympathy to Grobe, he really didn't know what he was getting himself into. Not only is Baylor the Rapist Capital of College Football, but the program is full of undisciplined players and coaches that have no regards to law and order. Now, as for the coaches, the ones whose names was on the list of the twitter protest needs to be fired immediately after the game against Texas Tech tonight...immediately meaning after the final whistle is blown, The Baylor President needs to have his pink slips out handing it out to every coach who was involved in the twitter petition. Also, Athletic Directors throughout the college landscape needs to write those names down and truly question their character before allowing them to coach at their respective football program.

"the program is full of undisciplined players and coaches that have no regards to law and order." --Mr. WhiteJack

Baylor needs a disciplinarian. Somebody who will strike fear not only in the players but the coaches also. Now Mr. WhiteJack says fear meaning in respect. When a head coach establishes himself as a leader, everybody knows that he is the man in charge and nobody would dare stage a twitter petition, and no player would dare walk up to him and request a protest for a former head coach. If Nick Saban or Jim Harbaugh was head coach, this mess would not be taking place. Now from a winning point-of-view, the Grobe hire by far was a bad pick. In 11 seasons at Wake Forest, he only made one New Years Day Bowl and during his days at Ohio in the mid-90s, he had a 33-33 record in just six seasons. Baylor needs a coach who is not afraid to get in anybody's face and tell them to follow orders like Donald Trump would. A Coach who is honest and is willing to call anybody out no matter their rank or prestige. There's a man that fits this description and he's the only man that Baylor should pursue. His name is P.J. Fleck out of Western Michigan. It's time for The Baylor Bears to "Row The Boat" past this current era of undisciplined, unlawful behavior. It's time for The Bears to "Row The Boat" and clean out the cave.

This is Mr. WhiteJack, writing out of "The Sweet Cannabis Aroma" of Denver, Colorado! Peace.