Jim Mora Jr. On the Hot Seat?

By MrWhitejack
Sep. 28, 2016

Jim Mora Jr. is the reason why Josh Rosen is not living up to expectations. Since he started his Pac 12 career, time after time we hear the national media say he is a great Quarterback. Year in and out we hear the national media say Josh Rosen is the best Quarterback in the PAC 12. Every year we hear the national media say Rosen is going to dominate the PAC 12. Quite honestly, Josh Rosen has not been the best Quarterback in the conference since he took snap under center. Now let's break down some statistics here, because whether you want to believe it or not America, stats defines how good or how bad a player really is. A player is nothing without stats because stats shows the body of work produced. Now According to PAC 12.com 2015 football stats, Rosen was outplayed by numerous Quarterbacks in just about every Quarterback stat listed. In Passing Average Per Game, a stat which shows how consistent a Quarterback is throughout the season, Rosen was outplayed by Luke Falk (380.1), Jared Goff (363), and Mike Bercovici (297). Rosen was 282.2. In Pass Efficiency, Rosen was outplayed by 8 Quarterbacks in the conference as he was 134.3. In total Passing yards, he was outplayed again by Falk, Goff, and Bercovici; and last but not least, Rosen only threw 23 TDs behind 6 Quarterbacks in the conference. These stats does not show someone as the best Quarterback, it looks more as someone trying to catch up with the best Quarterbacks in the conference. You see America, what the national media needs to understand is that 

The PAC 12 is the Premier League of Quarterbacks 

You just can’t just watch SEC, BIG Ten, & NFL games all Saturday long, and then bring their standards to the PAC 12. It just won’t work, this upside talk would pass if we were talking SEC football, but in the PAC 12, as a Quarterback, you have to put your money where your mouth is. This “upside” talk won't generate any dollars in this league. Now, someone who is suppose to have great potential and not live up to it, the blame goes straight to the coach. However, before getting deep into that, let’s review Rosen in the early stages of the 2016 season. Now if the Texas A&M and Stanford games wasn’t any indication that he is overrated, then you’re not paying attention. In both games, the defense showed up. The defense gave Rosen an opportunity to take over both games, and he never did. According to PAC 12 stats, In 4 games, he’s 12th in Pass Efficiency, 7th in Total yardage (combined pass/run yardage), and 3rd in Pass yards per game. With a stellar defense, there is no excuse in why Rosen can’t win games that a potential high-caliber quarterback is supposed to. Such blame goes straight to coaching. The UCLA offense is similar to an LSU offense that led to the firing of Les Miles & Cam Cameron. The UCLA offense is too basic. There is nothing sophisticated about it at all. Defenses can read it before the ball snap and know what play is about to take place. What kind of coach is Jim Mora Jr.? and what has he done to receive the respect that he is getting from the national media? Ok, he’s a great recruiter, but the supposedly great players are not translating into championships. 

In 5 seasons, Jim Mora Jr. has never won a PAC 12 championship 

Also, when he was head coach in the NFL for the Atlanta Falcons, he couldn’t even coach Michael Vick. Why did he place a guy who has no quarterback background as an Offensive Coordinator? If you have a potential great Quarterback in Josh Rosen, wouldn’t it be wise to hire an offensive coordinator that will build the offense around the quarterback? 

The PAC 12 is a Quarterback league, not a BIG Ten Running Back league. 

This explains why UCLA runs the ball so much and is mediocre in the passing game. What makes Jim Mora Jr. so special that Clay Helton's seat is hot and his? So is it the last name that is causing his job to stay safe? This PAC 12 South is not a soft as outsiders may think. In the next 5 games, The Bruins play against Arizona, Arizona State, Washington State, Utah, and Colorado. All of these teams are playing better than UCLA and they can move the ball. If UCLA goes 1-4 or 0-5 in this stretch, Mora needs to be gone because there is too much hype behind his name and he has done nothing to deserve the hype. 

P.S. There's an Offensive Coordinator down in The SEC, who has revived his career and would love to return back to LA and shove it to USC's face annually like he did in that over-hyped game a couple weeks ago.

Thank you for reading and hope you enjoyed. I Am Mr. Whitejack. Peace

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